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1 A Miner's Life      
2 All For Me Grog    
3 Athen Rye      
4 Black Ball Line      
5 Black Velvet Band      
6 Bold Riley      
7 Bonny Lass of Fyvie    
8 Cannily Cannily      
9 Coal Hole Cavalry      
10 Cockles And Mussels      
11 Come kiss me love      
12 Country Life      
13 Dark as a dungeon      
14 Derby Ram      
15 Dirty Old Town      
16 Drunken Sailor      
17 Fair Maid On The Shore      
18 Farewell Johnny Miner      
19 Farmer's Toast      
20 Foggy Dewl      
21 Fourpence A Day    
22 Galway Shawl      
23 Geordie Hinnie      
24 Geordie's Penker      
25 Gipsy Rover      
26 Go To Sea No More      
27 Gone From The Land      
28 Henry Martin      
29 Ho-Ri Ho-Ro   í
30 Holly And Ivy      
31 I Like To Rise      
32 Jack of all Trades      
33 John Barleycorn (Bert Lloyd)      
34 John Barleycorn (Eric)    
35 Johnny Todd      
36 Jug Of Punch    
37 Jute Mill      
38 Leaving Of Liverpool      
39 Little Nancy Dawson      
40 Long Time Boy      
41 Lord Franklin      
42 Lowlands Away      
43 Man Of The Earthl      
44 Man of the Soil    
45 Mrs Mc Grath      
46 My Johnny      
47 My Singing Bird      
48 My proper name is Clarence    
49 New Year Carol      
50 Old King Coal      
51 Once There Lived A Captain      
51a One morning one morning      
52 One Starry Night    
52a P stands for Paddy      
53 Paddy Works On The Railway      
54 Pit Boots      
55 Plaisir D Amour      
56 Plodder Seam      
57 Port Mahon    
58 Poverty Poverty Knock    
59 Prickle Holly Bush      
60 Punch And Judy Man      
61 Rap Her To Bank      
62 Rolling Home    
63 Rosabella      
64 Rothsay-o      
65 Shaking of the Sheets      
66 Shule Agra      
66a The Silkie of Skule Skerry      
67 Speed Bonnie Boat      
68 The Bone Weaver      
69 The Coal Owner and the Pitman's wife      
70 The seasons      
71 To be a Farmer's boy      
72 Venezuela      
73 Waly Waly      
74 We Come On The Sloop      
75 We Wheeled The Coffin      
76 We'll rant and we'll roar      
76a Weary Waiting      
77 What's the life of a man      
78 Where are the reapers      
79 Whisky in the jar      
80 Who will replace this miner      
81 Work Of The Weavers      
82 Working life out      
© Eric Foxley at the Dunkirk Arts centre
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