King Billy Sessions
  Mister Punch and Judy man  
(John Conolly)

[D]Down the lanes of [Em]foggy chimneys,
[G]Through the little [D]seaside [A]town,
[D]Strides the east wind [Em]like a dragon,
[G]Strewing leaves of [D]ragged [A]brown.
[G]Winter's planting [D]icicles
A[Em]long the barren [A]shore,
And the [G]Punch and [Em]Judy [A]Man
Is gone for [D]e[G]ver.

[D]Mr.Punch and Judy Man,
Bring me back the childhood [G]land of [G]Sum[D]mer

Slot machines and penny arcades
Jingle jangle on the pier,
Gone the sound of laughing children,
Fading with the dying year.
Through the town he wanders
In the misty autumn haze,
And the Punch and Judy Man
Is gone for ever.

Punchinello, Punchinello,
Where have you and Judy gone?
Gone to join the swelling ranks
Of things that we look back upon.
Memory can conjure you
From dreams of summer days,
But the Punch and Judy Man
Is gone for ever.
I think there is another verse somewhere and if anyone can add it I'd be grateful.
regards Baz

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