King Billy Sessions
  With me pit boots on  

Pit bootsA digging and a picking as I was one day
The thought of my true love it lead me astray
Well the shift being over and the night coming on
Away I run with me pit boots on.

I came to my love's window crying "Are you in bed?"
The minute she heard me she lifted up her head
She lifted up her head and she cried "Is that John?"
"Oh yes it's me with me pit boots on."

She opened the door and invited me in
Pull up to the fire and warm your skin
For the bedroom door is open and the blanket is turned down
So I rolled into bed with me pit boots on.

We fought and we tumbled until the break of day
Not thinking of the hours that we had spent at play
Till me love she sat up crying "Oh what have I done
For the baby will come with his pit boots on"

I chastised my love for talking so wild
"You foolish young girls you will never have a child
For all that we done it was only just in fun"
But away I run with me pit boots on

Come all you young maidens wherever that you be
Beware of them collier lads so single and so free
For their heads do run light and their hearts do run young
So beware of then fellows with their pit boots on.


A.L. Lloyd recorded With Me Pit Boots On in November 1962 on the album of industrial folk music, The Iron Muse.


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