King Billy Sessions
  What shall we do with the drunken sailor?  

What shall we do with a drunken sailor (x3)
Early in the morning?

Wey-hey and up she rises (x3)
Early in the morning?

Put him in the longboat till he’s sober,

Pull out the plug and wet him all over,

Put him in the scuppers with a hosepipe on him,

Put 'im in charge of an Exxon tanker,

That's what we'll do with the drunken sailor

Stick him in a bag and beat him senseless,

Put him in the brig until he's sober,

Slap him around and call him Suzie,

Keelhaul the man until he's sober,

Put 'im in a leaky boat an' make 'im bail 'er,

Put him in the bilge and make him drink it,

Take 'im and shake 'im and try an' wake 'im,

Give 'im a taste of the bosun's rope-end,

Soak 'im in oil till he sprouts a flipper,

Heave him by the leg in a running bowline,

Tie him to the taffrail when she’s yardarm under,

Hold 'im down an' lick his eyeballs,

'Round with the rum and scotch and whiskey,

Shave his belly with a rusty razor,

Put him in bed with the captain's daughter,

You haven't seen the captain's daughter,


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