King Billy Sessions
  What's the life of a man  

LeafAs I was a-walking one morning at ease
Viewing the leaves as they fell from the trees,
All in full motion appearing to be,
Those that had withered they fell from the tree.

What's the life of a man any more than a leaf?
A man has his seasons, so why should he grieve?
Brought into this world to appear fine and gay,
Like a leaf he must wither and soon fade away.

You should have seen the leaves but a short while ago
All in full motion they all seemed for to grow,
A frost came and them and withered them all,
A storm came upon them and down they did fall.

Go down in the churchyard and there you will see
Those that have fallen as leaves from the tree;
When age and affliction upon them did call,
Like a leaf they did wither and down they did fall.

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