King Billy Sessions
  All for me grog  
Ted Edwards

1. Early morning, dreaming is shattered
One clitter-clatter on t'flags outside
Old Knocker-Upper rat-tatting on t'window
Making sure nobody's overlied.

CHORUS: Clittering, clattering, coal-hole cavalry
Galloping, rain or fine
Clittering, clattering, coal-hole cavalry
Galloping down to t'mine.

2. Father yawning, drizzle on t'window
More clitter-clattering coming down t'hill
Stairs are creaking, oven door banging
Father waiting for Uncle Bill.

3. Mam is filling 'is bottle wi' water
Clatter-clitter-clatter and a rattle on t'latch
Clogs in t'lobby an' talking quiet
Arguing t' toss about Sunday's match.

4. Come on, Billy lad, best get goin'
Clatter-clitter-clatter an' t'front door bang!!
Going down to t'mucky old coal-pit
Hear pit hat and snap-tin clang!

5. Colliers riding a million horses
Clatter-clitter-clatter all over t'world
"Look-out! Injuns, Cavalry's coming!"
Picks and shovels and banners unfurled.

6. Hooter's blowin' a sound of vict'ry
Clatter-clitter-clattering's over an' done
All t'world's quiet an' sleep is coming
Wish I were a collier - collier - collier
Wish I were a collier, it must be fun!

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