King Billy Sessions
  I have lawns I have bowers  

Come all jolly fellows who seek to be mellow
Attend unto me I beseech you 
For a pint when it's quiet, come lads, let us try it
For thinking will drive a man crazy

I have lawns, I have bowers, I have fruit, I have flowers
And the lark is my morning alarmer
So my jolly boys now here's good luck to the plough
Long life and success to the farmer

Draw near to my table, my lads, if you're able
Let me hear not one word of complaining
For the tinkling of glasses all music surpasses
And I love to see bottles a-draining

For here I am king, I will dance, drink and sing
Let no man appear as a stranger
And show me the ass who refuses a glass
And I'll treat him to hay in a manger


Let the wealthy and great roll in splendour and state,
I envy them not, I declare it
For I eat my own ham, my own chicken and lamb
I shear my own fleece and I wear it

By ploughing and sowing, by reaping and mowing
King nature affords me aplenty
I've a cellar well stored and a plentiful board
And a garden affords every dainty



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