King Billy Sessions
  Little Nancy Dawson  

Little Nancy Dawson,
haul 'im away

She's got flannel drawers on,
haul 'im away

So says the bosun,
haul 'im away
With a holy-high-O!
Haul 'im away!

Little Sally Racket,
She ships in a packet
And she never did regret it,

Little Betty Picker,
Ran off with a Quaker,
Guess her mom couldn't shake her,

Little Susie Skinner,
Says she's a beginner,
But prefers it to her dinner,

Little Fee Fanana,
Slipped on a banana,
Now she can't play the piana,

Little Rosie Riddle,
Broke her brand new fiddle,
Cut a hole right in the middle,

Little Polly Walker,
Ran off with a hawker,
Oh he was corker, !

Little Kittie Carson,
Ran off with a parson,
Now she's got a little parson,

Little Dolly Docket,
Washes in a pocket,
She's a tart but doesn't look it,

Off we fight and cock boys,
Up and split her blocks now,
And we'll stretch her luff boys,


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