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  Come kiss me love  

Come kiss me love
Before you leave me
Come kiss the one you have betrayed
And when I'm dead, my love, come and see me
And strew sweet flowers all over my grave

Once I loved you with all my heart and soul
I thought your love was all for me
Until a stranger came and caught your eye
I found you cared no more for me.


Many's the night with you I've rambled
Many's the night with you I've lain
I thought your love was mine for ever
But now I find that it's all in vain



From Ian Campbell:
I cannot claim authorship of this song, merely the credit for bringing its component parts together. The tune comes from an American folksong called Peggy Gordon, which is an emigrant version of the English traditional song The Banks of the Sweet Primroses, and the words were patched together from various traditional sources. In reassembling traditional elements in this fashion I have merely helped to perpetuate a process to which folksongs have always been subject, and which has been responsible for many of the variants which have added to the richness of our tradition.

Words as learnt by Joy & Eric, from Bert "A.L." Lloyd.

Highway = main underground coal driveway from the bottom of the main shaft
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