King Billy Sessions
  Black Ball Line  

On the Black Ball line I served my time
To me way-aye-aye, hurra-ah
And that’s the line where you can shine
Hurrah for the Black Ball Line

The Black Ball Ships they are good and true
They are the ships for me and you

For once there was a Black Ball Ship
That fourteen knots an hour could clip

They’ll carry you along through frost and snow
And take you where the wind don’t blow

You will surely find a rich gold mine
Just take a trip in the Black Ball Line

Just take a trip to Liverpool
To Liverpool, that Yankee school

The Yankee sailors you’ll see there
With red-top boots and short-cut hair

At Liverpool docks we bid adieu
To Poll and Bet and lovely Sue

And now we’re bound for New York Town
It’s there we’ll drink, and sorrow drown


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