King Billy Sessions
  The Foggy Dew  

When I was a bachelor airy and young,
I followed the roving trade.
And all the harm that ever I done,
I courted a handsome maid.
I wooed her all the summertime,
And a part of the winter too.
And the only harm that ever I done
Was to keep off the foggy dew.

One night as I lay in my bed
Taking me pleasant asleep.
This pretty fair maid came to my bedside
And bitterly she did weep.
She wept, she moaned, she tore her hair,
And she cried, “What shall I do?”
So all that night I held her tight
Just to keep off the foggy dew.

“Oh lie down there, you silly young girl,
And wipe away those tears.”
Then I hauled her shift up over her head
And I wrapped it round her ears.
We were all right in the summertime
And all through the winter, too,
But I held her tight that livelong night
To keep her from the foggy dew.

Well all the first part of that night
How we did sport and play,
And all the latter part of that night
Snug in my arms she lay.
And when the broad daylight appeared
She cried, “I am undone!”
“Oh, hold your tongue, you silly young girl,
For the foggy dew have gone.”

I never told nobody her name
And damned be if I do,
But many's the time I think of that night
When I kept off the foggy dew



Fron A L Lloyd


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