King Billy Sessions
  The coal-owner and the pitman's wife  

A dialogue I'll tell you as true as my life
Between a coal-owner and a poor pitman's wife
As she was a walking all on the highway
She met a coal-owner and this she did say

Derry down, down, down derry down

"Good morning Lord Firedamp" this woman she said
"I'll do you no harm sir, so don't be afraid.
If you'd been where I've been the most of my life
You wouldn't turn pale at a poor pitman's wife."

"Then where do you come from?" the coal-owner he cries
"I come from hell" the woman replies
"If you come from hell then come tell me right plain
Just how you contrived to get out again."

"Aye the way I got out the truth I will tell
They're turning the poor folks all out of hell.
This to make room for the rich wicked race
For there is a great number of them in that place."

"And the coal-owners sir are the next on demand
To arrive in hell as I understand
For I heard to old devil say as I came out
That the coal-owners all had received their rout."

"Well how does the old devil behave in that place?"
"Oh sir he's most cruel to that rich wicked race.
He's far more crueller than you can suppose
Just like a mad bull with a ring through his nose"

"Good woman" says he "I must bid you farewell
You give me a dismal account about hell.
If all this be true that you say unto me
I'll be home like a shot, with my men I'll agree."

"If you be a coal-oner sir take my advice
Agree with your men and pay them a fair price
For if and you do not I know very well
That you'll be in great danger of going to hell."

Words as learnt by Joy & Eric, from Bert "A.L." Lloyd.

Highway = main underground coal driveway from the bottom of the main shaft
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