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  Jug of Punch (Eric)  

As I sat weaving with jug and spoon
All on one fine day in the month of June
All repeat:
As I sat weaving with jug and spoon
All on one fine day in the month of June

A birdy sang on an ivy bunch
And the song he sang was the Jug of Punch

Laddledy fol-the-day
Laddledy fol-the-day dithery-idle-dum

Dithery-idle-dum dithery-idle-doodle-deedle-dum
Dithery-idle-dum dithery-idle-doodle-deedle-dum
Dithery-idle-doodle-deedle um dum day

What more pleasure can a man desire
Than sit him down-O beside a fire [all repeat]
And on his knee O a tidy wench
Oh and in his hand O a
Jug of Punch


[ What more hardships could a boy desire
Than sit him down-o behind the door
And in his hand-o no jug of punch
Aye, and on his knee-o, no tidy wench]

[When I am dead, all my drinking's o'er
I'll drink one glass and I'll drink no more
For fear I mightn't get it on that day
I will drink it now and I'll drink away]

And when I'm dead and laid in my mould
At my head and feet place a flowing bowl [all repeat]
And every young man that passes by
He can have a drink and remember I


Recorded on Topic LP Folksongs of Britain 3, Jack of all Trades 
Collected from Edward Quinn of County Tyrone



From a BBC children's programme many years ago.
[Key D]

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