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Note: This information is recovered from a research project performed in the 1970s/80s on ancient computer hardware. Many links won't work!

This database contains about 1200 folk melodies, mostly British & American. They mostly come from the repertoire over the years of Fred Folks Ceilidh Band, and are intended as music for dancing.

As far as I know, it is the only music database in existence which is searchable by musical content, see the browser. The tunes are stored as key-independent note sequences using an ASCII notation developed in the 1970s, and so can be analysed for a variety of purposes.

Lookalso at some of the statistics used to analyse the tunes.

We were asked by one visitor to the website to list all the tunes which were pentatonic, easy to find given this database.

We also have on-line pages of selections of tunes in PDF which form Freds Band music book, and include secections for other events.

There was somewhere an ABC version of all this ...

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