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Freds Folks Ceilidh Band has been active in Nottingham and surrounding areas for over 60 years. Whether you call it a ceilidh, a folk dance, a barn dance, a Celtic event or RiverDance look-alike, we do it!
The Germans call it an "Irische Tanzabend".

What really matters isn't us, it's the people who enjoy dancing to us. See photos of people enjoying our dances and photos of us enjoying playing for them (updated 2019). You can read about our history and style, and listen to us and see our printed music on this web site.

Unlike many ceilidh bands, we play for listening to as well as for dancing, so we play more-or-less non-stop throughout an evening, even while the dancers are getting their breath back.

We run ceilidhs mainly for beginners, as in weddings, birthday/anniversary parties, welcomes for international students, harvests and church festivals.

In Germany we run ceilidhs in German; in France in French.

We can also sing for you, sea shanties for pirate weddings a speciality! We have a wide repertoire of mainly British songs.

We are usually 4 or 5 members, but here are photos of some bigger gigs.

Bluebird Big Bash


Leamington Spa


See here for a few of the many testimonials received
See here for a 1968 document on the history of Folk Song Clubs in Nottingham.

Joy and Eric getting them dancing at an end-of-conference session in Liverpool

For booking enquiries phone Joy Foxley on 0115-9786858, or e-mail Eric Foxley.

Our music book is on-line as a set of PDF pages. It is renowned world-wide. We receive many comments such as "Many thanks for the superb collection of printed music ... we are amazed at the variety and quantity of brilliant tunes" (MR in UK); "I am beside myself and totally speechless ... I have been searching for years .... a friend of mine pointed out your pages to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." (CAW in USA).

For other bookings around here if we can't make it, try the Celebration Barn Dance Band ( or 01159872770)
For bookings down to the south of England, try the Blue Pilchards.

See also Joy and Eric's photos of their other activities


Eric Brandoni

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