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2020 Cycling photos
Folder: WWW-Cycling-2020
2020 Chezfred photos
Folder: WWW-Chezfred-2020
2020 Greenwood Clog photos
Folder: WWW-Greenwood-Clog-2020
1900s Hamish photos
Folder: WWW-Hamish-19
1900s Rory photos
Folder: WWW-Rory-19
1900s Angus photos
Folder: WWW-Angus-19
1900s Angus Rory and Hamish photos
Folder: WWW-Angus-Rory-Hamish-19
2020 Walking photos
Folder: WWW-Walking-2020
2020 Ceramics photos
Folder: WWW-Ceramics-2020
Towns Tribe old photos assorted dates
Folder: WWW-Towns-Tribe-19
2019 Foresters Morris photos
Folder: WWW-Foresters-Morris-2019
2019 Holidays
Folder: WWW-Holiday-2019
Freds Folks Band at assorted gigs
Folder: WWW-Freds-Band-____
Assorted dancers at Freds Folks gigs
Folder: WWW-Freds-Dancers-____
Eric's assorted offices on campus missing 1
Folder: WWW-Eric-Office-____
Gormley people
Folder: WWW-Gormley-people
Foresters Morris Men Plough Play
Folder: WWW-Foresters-Plough-Play
Painted ceramics for special events
Folder: WWW-Painted-ceramics
Green man plates and platters
Folder: WWW-Green-Man-Ceramics
Eric Foxley - early photos
Folder: WWW-Eric-Foxley-19
Arthur or Owen or Eric 19
Folder: WWW-Arthur-or-Owen-or-Eric-19
Uriah Harry Harvey 1873 - 1906
Folder: WWW-Uriah-Harvey
Owen Foxley 1934 - 1957
Folder: WWW-Owen-Foxley-19
2010 chezfreD house & garden
Folder: WWW-Garden-flowers-2010
King Billy Sessions
Folder: WWW-King-Billy
Arthur Foxley 1932 - 2009
Folder: WWW-Arthur-Foxley-19

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