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1: Reels 22
Barren Rocks of Aden, Glengarry's March, Bottom of the Punch Bowl, Heights of Alma
(4539 kb mp3)
2: Winster Galop
Winster original, Wiltshire Tempest, Galopede
(4220 kb mp3)
3: Irish jigs
Rakes of Kildare Swallowtail, Tenpenny bit,
(5603 kb mp3)
4: Cumberland Square
My Love is but a Lassie, Cock of the North, Good Night & Joy be with you, Atholl Highlanders
(4070 kb mp3)
5: CAL
Some adapted extracts from Mark Knopfler's music to the film CAL
(4671 kb mp3)
6: Virginia Reel
Cotton pickin' tunes
Golden Slippers, Sweet Georgia Brown, California, Alabama Jubilee, Eyes of Blue, Saints
(4793 kb mp3)
7: Bridge of Athlone
48 bar jigs: Sweets of May, Hilly-go Filly-go, Ran-tan
(4628 kb mp3)
8: Wolfstone jigs selection
Cleveland Park, Banks of the Allan, Kenny Gilles
(3606 kb mp3)
9: Holmfirth Square
Chris's dad's page
McQuillen's Squeezebox, Silver & Gold, J B Milne
(3670 kb mp3)
10: Jigs
Ballybunion, Slashers, Humours of Donnybrook, Brian Barouhme
(4413 kb mp3)
11: Tom Pate
Original, Nutting Girl jig
(4085 kb mp3)
12: Circassian Circle
Scottish Circassian, Irish Washerwoman, My Old Man's a Refuse disposal officer
(3146 kb mp3)
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