Freds Folks Ceilidh Band

for all your ceilidhs, barn dances, folk dances
for weddings, parties, celebrations
Freds Folks Line-up(s)
We have two accordion players Eric and Hamish, and buy our instruments from the helpful Carole and Terry at Accordions of Coventry. We are always looking for the right sound, the right response and the right feel. Eric's latest accordion is a Brandoni, great feel, response and sound. I chose the 96 bass musette tuned, with microphones fitted by Accordions of Coventry. You can really feel that you are in charge of the box, not the box restricting your style. Hamish has the Vignoni with MusicTech microphones (and unused MIDI). Eric also has a Roland FR-7 completely electronic "V-Accordion", surprisingly good and OK for cafe music, but it just doesn't have the attack or punch that good folk playing demands. See our old photos, and I am collecting some more photos of the band in action and of dancers in action at some of our gigs.

Regular members include the following.
Joy Foxley
our MC

Joy playing percussion
Eric and Brandoni

Eric Foxley

Hamish Foxley
accordion, trombone, mandolin, baritone sax, Uillean pipes, fiddle, triangle

Hamish fiddle
Rory Foxley
blue & green & brown fiddles
Chris McDouall
guitar, bass
Jacqui Pate
fiddle, flute

Dave Martin
(percussion, fiddle, mandola)
 Dave mandola  

Aaron Maloney

The band
  Freds Folks
Leamington Spa Pump Rooms September 2007

Worthing 2004

Clinton School, Kenilworth 2004

France, Montauban 2000 celebrations

Worthing Oxfam gig 1999

Kenilworth Parochial Hall 2005

France, Brittany Tour 1993

Occasional players include

  • Charlotte Wood (fiddle)
  • Helen & Steve Earwicker (clarinet & drums)
  • Karen Foxley (flute)
  • Jenna Foxley (fiddle, recorder, percussion)
  • Angus Foxley (bass, drums)
  • George Martin (drums)
  • Tim Bastock (guitar, bass)
  • Jane Calvert (flute)
  • Caitlin Shay (flute)
  • Hélène Foxley (flute)
  • Lindsay Martin (flute)

Previous members include

  • Kevin Briggs (fiddle, original leader)
  • Kath Woods (drum, original line-up)
  • Stuart Woodhouse (bass, early BBC performances)
  • Sam Brown (guitar, early BBC performances)
  • David Renouf (piano)
  • Geoff Bocking (bass, and with "Lazybones")
  • Brenda Linday (drum, guitar, and with "Lazybones")
  • Paul King (banjo)
  • John Jones (flute)
  • Moggie Pate (fiddle)
  • John Shaw (guitar)
  • Tom Shaw (fiddle)
  • Steve (djembe)
  • Les Dolman (accordion)
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