Freds Folks Ceilidh Band

for all your ceilidhs, barn dances, folk dances
for weddings, parties, celebrations
Freds Folks Music

We have our music available as mp3s and as printed scores.


All of our music is stored in the Nottingham Folk Music Database, and is printed using the roff music preprocessor. The tunes are stored under the categories jigs (6/8 single and double jigs and 9/8 rhythms), reels (2/4 and 4/4), hornpipes (4/4 normally played dotted, includes hornpipes, schottishes and strathspeys), waltzes (3/4), slip jigs (9/8), miscellaneous (played mainly for listening to, not for dancing to), some Christmas ones. Or look at Freds Folks pages of selections.

You can browse the music in the database **Sorry, unavailable for now**.

You may also listen to some mp3 samples.


Greenwood Clog Foresters Morris Freds Folks Music database
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