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Foresters Morris as part of the Chatsworth House Spectacular.
More here.

Foresters in 1910?

More ancient Foresters?
Pictures from the 1910 Esperence Morris Book. The Foresters Morris and Sword Dancing Club was founded with lady musicians, and morris was kept going in Nottingham in the 1930s and 1940s by ladies.

Who are we?

The Foresters Morris Men (full title "The Foresters Morris and Sword Dancing Club") was formed in 1952, and was the first morris dancing club in Nottingham. It is still the best! Since we are near to Sherwood Forest, we have Robin Hood as our logo. The club was formed from the demise of other sides in nearby towns, which had been in existence in the 1930s, and were kept going by ladies such as Frances Downing during the war years. More here.

What do we do?

We perform mainly English morris dances from the Cotswold and border regions, together with some dances from Lichfield. At appropriate times of year we perform a traditional local Plough Play (a type of mummer's play) and mummer's play. We also include rapper sword dancing in our repertoire. For more details about morris dancing, You can read some of our handouts of background information or more background information or still more on morris dancing. Or would you like the French versions of these documents? Or for a more sober and serious view of the whole thing you can look at a BBC programme transcript.

Where can we be seen and heard live?

In the summer on Monday evenings, we dance at pubs in the local area. At any time of year we perform by request (for a fee!) at larger events. We are currently not taking general bookings for 2015. We will be performing some of our regular and Monday bookings such at Harlaxton, MayDay and the Robin Hood Beer Festival as usual.

Where can we be seen in photos?

A selection of photos of us from our formation in the 1900s up to our latest show is arranged by year and available here for modern photos or here for ancient ones, most photos copyright © Eric Foxley. Over 2000 photos from 1967 onwards can be accessed from those pages. In addition there are many videos available on YouTube by searching for "Foresters Morris".

Where can we be heard on-line?

A selection of mp3 files of our dance music, singing and mumming are available here.

Why are we such good dancers?

Because we practise every week at the Queen's Walk Community Centre in the Meadows area of Nottingham on Monday nights in winter, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., then socialise over a drink! Visitors are always welcome to come and try it out, contact any member or phone Eric on 01159786858.

How do we spell our name?

We are the "Foresters Morris Men", not "Forresters" or "Forester's" or "Forrester's" or "Foresters' "!

How can you contact us?

If you are interested in finding out more, or in coming along for a taster session at one of our practices, or in booking us to appear at a function of some sort, phone our squire Stewart on 0115-914 1061 or Eric on 0115-978 6858 or email Eric.

What do you think of us?

The following was found on the blog of a student who had seen us:

Last night, I watched a bunch of grown men dance around with handkerchiefs and sticks while wearing bells and flowers at the Sword Dancing/Clog dancing event, which was even more entertaining than I dreamed, even if it was a bit unexpected. When someone says "sword dancing" I usually imagine a bunch of muscular, shirtless men doing a bunch of dangerous stunts with pointy swords. Instead, we got hilarious scholarly men doing authentic, if a bit silly, old dances, complete with a jester of sorts who went around hitting girls in the head with a bladder, which he assured us will encourage pregnancy in the coming year (I should certainly hope not!).  Then we went out to the (cold) conservatory to watch clog dancing, which looked particularly challenging but also very entertaining, and was complete with background stories.

Cecil Sharp

Full details and photos of Cecil Sharp's original 3-hole pipe are here.

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Latest news




Monday 16th January
Harlaxton show, morris and clog and plough play (doctor = Dave M, Tom Fool = William please).
Meet 7:45 prompt there.

Saturday 21st January
Plough Play around Beeston (doctor = Ben, Tom Fool = William please).

7.30pm- Meet in Beeston Square

8.00pm- The Hop Pole, NG9 4AE

8.20pm- The Bar, NG9 1ES

8.40pm- The Malt Shovel, NG9 2LU

9.00pm- Crown Inn, NG9 1FY

9.20pm White Lion, NG9 1FX

9.40pm- Star Inn, NG9 1FX 

Pubs tba by Joe.

Monday 13th February
AGM at Queen's Walk 8pm
Send me any agenda items you want to raise, please.

Saturday 4th March – accepted
Belgrave Rooms Cabaret spot for Shuggie.
Families welcome for an evening of ceilidh dancing, contact me.
Ceilidh starts 8pm, our show at 9pm.

Thursday 9, 23 or 30 March
Sociable meal at Anja's
Email me your preferred dates, please

Monday 1st May
5:25am : Robin Hood statue then breakfast at Joy & Eric's.

Saturday 13th May
JMO day of dance, Leicester.

26th May
Wedding booking is OFF

Monday 29th May
Wellow Village green festivities.

Saturday 3rd June
Thaxted Weekend (Day!) of Dance

Saturday 10th June – requested
Tollerton Village Fayre
Time to be agreed
For a fee
via Steve Moore through Eric
I can't get, I think it has been declined.

Saturday 17th June – cancelled
Freemasons Tercentenery Event

Saturday 2nd September
Lincoln "Big Morris Day", think about it.

Saturday 9th September – accepted
Day of Dance with Ripley Morris for their anniversary.



Latest photos from Ripley, Harlaxton and The Park Market




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