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Foresters Morris as part of the Chatsworth House Spectacular.
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Our dance musicians include accordion (Eric), melodeon (Simon and Phil) (if you class melodeon as music), recorder (Simon), concertina (Ken), and bodhran players (William is definitely 3rd bodhran). Our version of the music is available in both audio and printed form, see the repertoire information and the links below. The "mp3" audio files are played by Eric Foxley on a 48-bass Hohner Student VM, and are also available as two CDs. The printed scores come from on the Nottingham Folk Music Database.

We also enjoy singing songs and playing in pubs after a dance tour - and drinking excellent Mallard beer.

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Eric Foxley is (through long-standing family connections) the owner of one of Cecil Sharp's three-hole wooden pipes made specially by Dolmetsch.

See also Eric's notes for a Ring Musician's Weekend, and the document "Playing for Folk Dancing" written for the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

See also the international index of music scores available on the WWW.

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