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Foresters Morris as part of the Chatsworth House Spectacular.
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We dance the dawn on 1st May every year. For many years this took place inside Nottingham Castle, but the powers that be later decided that we could not dance inside the castle. We chose to dance by the nearby statue of Robin Hood. Dawn is usually at about 5.20 a.m. at that time of year! Our friends the Greenwood Step Clog dancers always join us; other morris dancers are welcome and if we know in advance you may well be invited to breakfast afterwards.
We dance out at Bottesford every Boxing Day, entertaining the crowds alongside the Bottesford duck race.

We also, since Plough Plays are an East Midlands tradition, perform a local Plough Play at traditional times and elsewhere, including shows each year at Nottingham Brewhouse Yard Museum (in one of the caves) and at Wollaton Hall. Plough plays are mumming plays performed traditionally on Plough Monday (the first Monday after Twelfth Night). We perform the plays several times around that date, including a pub tour. We also perform a Mumming Play for the City authorities at Nottingham Castle on St George's day.

Every few years we organise a winter solstice concert in Nottingham, at which a variety of midwinter rituals are observed. The event is overseen by a "Lord of Misrule" assisted by Father Christmas. At the last performance we had morris, sword and step clog dancing; Appalachian dancers; Irish dancers; singing; handbell ringing and a mumming play. Punch and savoury mince pies are served.

We enjoy singing traditional English unaccompanied songs, with Ken pitching everything on the high side.

As well as morris dancing, we can soon get our rapper sword dancing up to scratch if required.

Each year we nominate a local charity to receive the majority of our collections; the nominated charity is currently the Nottinghamshire Hospice.

In the past we have spent a week in France every four years, not visiting folk festivals, but running socials in village halls, and performing in market squares.

We often dance out with the Greenwood Step Clog Dancers, since the sides have several family connections.

Several members play with the Freds Folks Ceilidh Band.

Our annual feasts were held towards the end of March. Since the food is organised by Vic, our professional chef, it is always a gourmet meal. The meal is followed by singing and general dancing. However, the feast has not run for a couple of years now, due to lack of visitors.

For Foresters who wish to print documents, you can download and save a better version of our logo (41 kbytes), a copy of our old hand-drawn picture poster by Bob Doucet (171 kbytes), and a copy of the old logo poster (53 kbytes). It also seemed worth putting here our handout and the Mummers play script, as "PDF" documents, so that anyone can print them.

See our tradition (constitution) for a formal definition of our club.

See elsewhere details of the officers of the club.


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