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Foresters club officers



Foresters Morris as part of the Chatsworth House Spectacular.
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Officers are elected every two years at our AGM (held on the first or second Monday in February).

For full details, see our tradition (i.e. constitution).

The next elections are due in 2016.

Recent AGM minutes are as follows:

2006 minutes
2007 minutes
2008 minutes
2009 minutes
2010 minutes
2011 minutes
2012 minutes

  • Squire: Steve Moore
  • Deputy squire: Joe Earp
  • Phone contact: Eric (phone 0115 978 6858)
  • Bagman secretary: Frank Earp
  • Bagman treasurer: Colin Higgins
  • Foreman:
  • Captain of Sword: Vacant
  • Captain of Mummers: Frank Earp
  • Keeper of the scrapbook: ???
  • Third bodhran: William

Most members who are not officers of the club are ex-officers!


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