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Cecil Sharp's 3-hole pipe
This pipe was given to Eric Foxley by Cecil Sharp's daughter Joan (who was secretary of the English Folk Dance Society in the 1930s). It was made as a special order by Dolmetsch (the firm is still going strong), probably in the early 1920s. Sharp died on 23rd June 1924.
A number of years after I had been given the pipe, I took it to the Dolmetsch workshop at Hazelmere, Surrey in the 1970s. I was taken to the "old man" Carl Dolmetsch, who took one look at the pipe and before I could open my mouth said immediately "I remember that pipe, I made a set of six of them, for a Mr Sharp I think it was". I wonder where the other five are!
The pipe featured on the BBC "History of the World" series, see here.

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1 : General view

2 : Close-up of fipple

3 : Dolmetsch logo

4 : Dolmetsch logo

5 : Fipple

6 : Lower end

7 : Top of pipe scanned with scale

8 : Fipple scanned with scale

9 : Underneath of fipple scanned with scale

10 : Side view of fipple scanned with scale

11 : End view of fipple

12 : Angled view of fipple

13 : Upper holes scanned with scale

14 : Upper holes without ribbon

15 : Bottom holes scanned with scale

16 : Open end of pipe
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