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The Greenwood Step Clog Dancers are based in Nottingham in the UK, and were formed in 1974 by Sue Grimes. We danced for the opening of the Broadmarsh Centre. At that time her husband was our musician. We were formed as an off shoot of NTMC (Nottingham Traditional Music Club 1967 - 1989), and consisted of the wives / morris widows of Dolphin Morris, Sullivans Sword, Old Oss Mummers and a rapper side. EFDSS connected Griff Jones put us in touch with Mandy for the basic Lancashire steps.

We dance step clog, mostly from northern England, Scotland, and Wales, and choreograph all dances to suit our members and create a varied spectacle.

Step-clog dancing involves fast and intricate steps, performed wearing clogs with wooden soles (ideally made of ash wood) and leather uppers. The best surface to dance on is a smooth resonant surface such as slate or hard wood.

Wooden soled shoes were once common in industrial areas, particularly in northern England, south Scotland and south Wales. Step-clog dancing has been performed in these areas since the middle of the 19th century, sometimes in competition, sometimes as Music Hall entertainment.

We dance at dawn every year on the 1st of May, about 5.15a.m., usually at Nottingham Castle.We share this event with the Foresters Morris Men, and all join for breakfast afterwards.

We often dance out with the Foresters Morris Men, since we have several family members in common.

Some of our members are involved in Freds Folks Ceilidh Band.

First practice Monday 3rd September at Queen's Walk.

Greenwood bookings for 2018 season

Tuesday 1st May: 5:20am - Robin Hood statue, then breakfast.

Tuesday 1st May evening - With Ripley Morris Men - Selston Horse and Jockey.

Thursday 17th  May – Sir John Borlase Warren NG7 3GD 8pm

Saturday 19th May - JMO meeting, Peterborough.

Monday 21st  May – Canal House, Nottingham NG1 7EH 8pm

Monday 4th  June – Crown, Beeston NG9 1FY 8pm; Star 9pm

Tuesday 5th June - Evening with Ripley Green Garters at the Spanish Bar, Ilkeston.

Saturday 21 July - Newark Traditions Festival

Saturday 1st September - Lincoln Big Morris

Saturday 20th October - Robin Hood Beer Festival, Nottingham Arena

Other dates with the Foresters:
Monday 11th  June – Beeston Marina NG9 1NA 7:30; The Boat, Dunkirk 8:30pm

Monday 18th  June – White Lion Kimberley NG16 2PQ 8pm;     Dewdrop Inn Ilkeston DE7 5TE 9pm

Monday 25th June – White Lion, Rempstone LE12 6RH 8pm

Thursday 5th  July – Gate Inn, Kimberley NG16 2NG 8pm; Queen’s Head, Watnall 9pm

Monday 9th  July – Trip to Jerusalem NG1 6AD 7:30pm

Thursday 19th  July - Plough, Normanton NG12 5N TBC 8pm

Monday 23rd  July – Spanish Bar, Ilkeston DE7 5QJ 8pm

Wednesday 26th December – Bottesford Duck Race 11am

Other local Monday tours with the Foresters Morris Men will be announced later.

We recommend that you check for details with us before attending.

A printable handout will eventually be here.

Photos from our 2018 shows so far are now on-line here, as well as links to photos of earlier years. Any additional photos are always welcome, email them to Eric!

New: The music page here has been updated with new tiunes.

In addition there are many videos available on YouTube by searching for "Greenwood Clog".


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Greenwood Clog
at the Chatsworth House Spectacular.
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