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We give below a few links to other websites which may be of interest.

  • Foresters Morris Men are the longest serving team of morris dancers in Nottingham, founded in 1952. We dance mainly morris from the Cotswold and border regions, together with some Lichfield dances. At appropriate times of year we perform a traditional local Plough Play (a type of mummer's play). We also include rapper sword dancing in our repertoire.
  • Mortimer's Morris Mortimer’s Morris is one of a small but growing group of teams who see the dance tradition as dynamic, building on the treasury of dances from Lancashire and Cheshire by choreographing dances of their own making.
  • Sergeant Musgraves Dance Sergeant Musgraves Dance are a mixed North West Clog morris dancing side from Nottingham. The team derives it's name from the famous play by John Arden.
  • Ripley Green Garters (Garland and northwest) A friendly, ladies North West Clog Morris Team, male musicians welcome. Activities include dancing at folk festivals, traditional events - British and European, pub tours and social events. An excellent way to have fun and keep fit for all ages. Email:
  • Dorset Buttons (Northwest) The Ladies Morris Side was formed in 1978 and is based at Wareham in Dorset. An ex-Greenwood member Helen is currently their bagman. Their Men’s Rapper Sword Dance team was formed in 1991 and performs dances that originate from the mining villages of Northumberland.
  • The Morris Federation is one of the three national organisations co-ordinating morris and clog dance activities.

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