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We include here links to other useful experience and activity in this area. Readers are invited to contact Eric with links to further information.

Nora Aschacher

Nora Aschacher has sent a PDF file of the dance company she works with in Vienna, calledout "AGE COMPANY". The document is here; it is in German, a translation edited by me is here. The hompage of the association is:


Jackie Mills writes: I teach a program of adapted seated dance in Calgary and have travelled
throughout Canada and a fair bit into the USA presenting at conferences. It is working very very well for clients with dementia.

My program is supported by grants and while not officially registered as non-profit, is being run as a non-profit program. The aim is simply to introduce the concept of adapted seated dancing wherever it can be helpful.

Arts and Health Journal

This is an International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, published in collaboration with the
Society for the Arts in Healthcare.

Guide to adapting the home to make it more dementia friendly

This page discusses minor adaptations that can be made to potentially enable the sufferer to remain independent for longer. Also included is information about funding help if money is tight.

Center for the Arts in Healthcare Research and Education

This is at the University of Florida, USA.

Alzheimer's Society

Leading the fight against dementia - much useful information.

Shands Arts in Medicine

Shands Arts in Medicine (Florida, USA) has developed a comprehensive art program that includes:

* Artists in residence working in the clinical setting using dance, music, drama, creative writing and the visual arts to enhance the patient experience.
* Using the visual arts to transform the physical hospital setting through rotating exhibitions, permanent art installations, and interior design.
* Partnerships with education and art institutions that expand the discipline of arts in healthcare, moving beyond the traditional patient care setting into the classroom and community – locally, nationally and internationally.

ARTZ - Artists for Alzheimer's

ARTZ brings artists of all kinds to the world of Alzheimer's to create the strong emotional connections that only art provides. Discovering the ways the arts reduce psycho-behavioural symptoms, we can enrich the lives of people living with Alzheimer's in new, yet fundamental ways.

Scarborough Evening News

A newspaper cutting (8th November 2010) about the work of Helen Whitehead.

Other contributions to this page are always welcome, please email them to Eric.

Paintings by
Noelle Williamson
of Bisakha Sarker and Diane Amans rehearsing their piece for this conference.

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