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Nora has submitted a PDF file of her activities in Vienna here.

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Contemporary Dance performance by the AGE COMPANY

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Contemporary Dance performance of the AGE COMPANY

Choreography and artistic direction:
Nicole Berndt-Caccivio

Nora Aschacher, Gitta Dusek, Veronica Eggen Weber, Eveline Gessl, Eva
Glöckner, Helene Gratton, Susan Claudia Krasny, Veronika Kritzer,
Antonia Lersch, Hortensia Marcu, Sarah Paul, Sigrid Prihoda, Auguste
Reichel, Ilse Stadler

Costumes, props, concept:
Nicole Berndt-Caccivio

Veronika Kritzer, Sarah Paul

Sam Auinger + Robert Adrian, Jules Maxwell, Patricia Dallo, Maurice
Ravel, Albonek, Rosenstolz

Tom Barcal

about 60 minutes without a break

Photos in the program:
Sascha Osaka, Werner Scholz, private recordings

Humble, grateful and kind they should be, the ancients; satisfied
look back on as a full life and looking forward
as inconspicuous as possible and not moving.
Is this really a prospect for aging men?
Members of the COMPANY AGE my "No, thank you!".
Change of direction is called for. New stories to be told.
There are poetic, comical, absurd, unusual and everyday

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The choreographer

Nicole Berndt-Caccivio

Born in 1963 in Biel / Bienne in Switzerland, lives
currently in Berlin. Dance education in England and NYC.
The Company's LJADA / Biel, along
Roberto Galvan, her path began as a choreographer
and dance teacher. There were guest choreography
for Cathy Sharp Company in Basel, the YLDIZUniversität
in Istanbul, the SLU University in the
USA and the National Theater in Sarajevo (Sarajevski
Ballet, first postwar Premiere). Nicole
Berndt-Caccivio received continuous engagement as a lecturer in contemporary
Dance in Germany (UBATO, NWR Dance House, Dance Academy Balance 1,
Academy of Performing Arts in Frankfurt / Main), Italy (Rome IAIS), the
Switzerland (Ensemble Cathy Sharp, dancing water control), Turkey (Technology
University & Concert Hall, Istanbul), the U.S. (OMC, Baton Rouge, Universities
SLU and LSU, Louisiana) and Austria (Bruckner Conservatory in Linz,
Xida Company, International Dance Weeks Vienna, Vienna Conservatory).
Since 2007, she also works as a physical therapist, cranio-sacral
Therapy / osteopathy in the biodynamic model in a group practice in
Berlin. Since 2009 she is assistant to the ISBC Kiental, international
Craniosacral School at Kientalerhof, Switzerland.
Photo © Sascha Osaka
Photo © W. Scholz

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The actresses

Nora Aschacher
Ph.D., longtime editor of ORF, including Head
the Ö1-Series "Radio Program", "Nova", initiator
the multimedia series "password
science ". Co-organizer of performances with
Hiah Park, Kim Keum-Hwa (Korea), Sutra Dance
Theatre (Malaysia). Numerous reports, documentaries
and features, among other things with contemporary
Dance, dance therapy, shamanic
Trance dancing, Sufi whirling dance, Gurdjieff and the
Intangible Cultural Heritage (UNESCO) employed
as Garifuna (Belize), Gelede (Benin), Gnawa
(Morocco), Samba de Roda (Brazil), Vimbuza
(Malawi). Ventured out after 40 dance workshops in each direction thanks
ImPulsTanz, where non-professionals are offered the opportunity to
attend classes with nationally and internationally known dance professionals.
"Dance of my life has given a new twist. For that I thank you
especially to: Karine LaBel, Ismael Ivo Koffi Koko, Charleston Marquis
(Samu Rai), Hiah Park, Fawzia Al Rawi, Harmen Tromp "

Gitta Dusek
"Growing up in the body's enemy, prudish 50s
Years in a very patriarchal family structure,
I had much too long for many years a lot of inhibitions
dragged along. Wanted by
Matura the Reinhardt Seminar, I could not believe, trust
me at all too little, and especially the
Men far too much too. My begun Dolmetschstudium
bored me soon, followed by a
sometimes very stormy marriage, and when our son
adult, was the divorce. Depending wage
I had worked in various fields. In the past 13 years,
already retired, I traveled a lot, especially in the Sahara and in South Africa
Space. The Ballet and later the modern expressive dance I have always
fascinated. Stretching I started 50 years together with professional
Dancers, I was the beloved moves closer. And rhythmically
I practice my drumming with Cheikh M'Boup. When I of the project AGE
COMPANY learned, I immediately knew that it is for me now! I, by the way
has a reputation for talking like a lot, can now also without words, pleasure me moving
Tell stories. "

Photo © W. Scholz
Photo © Sascha Osaka

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Veronica Eggen Weber
"I like the laughing dancing - especially when he
ridiculous, even as a child - even zappel - zappel ago
- Sometimes laughing, then grumpy and very raunzig, never in
the balance, dancing is my chance, my outlet, have
not in the ballet may have to dance anywhere
must go, my parents were against it, because then
physically damaged, unhealthy, anorexic, and no money
at all ... we have a piano, but with piano
zappel out - zappel ago was not him, then I often
dancing gone years, in recent in discos, later
workshops in modern, ethno, contact improvisation
etc., but the breakthrough was the artistic work with Guillermo Horta, he
moved / touched me, my fears, my inhibitions, my failed
versa servatives live, I'm 48 and I am beginning to take me seriously, my heart
heard the performance, my space is public space, I love it, nonverbal,
seriously bizarre to have to mix to mix, to be political, my
body is political, I am a politician, I feel my bones, my
sweat, my limit, my need for the body's anti-Catholic
Europe, I'm looking to find that age and so now - even zappel - zappel forth until
will do to pension, that's what I, if professional dancing is completely out, rotate, a
walked back and forth. "

Eveline Gessl
Born in 1946, a film child, grew up in the studio
Rose Hill. The canteen full of people who
makeup and with their wonderful costumes
drink, eat sausages, and have much to discuss.
In the screenings formed their visual perception.
Her great passion dance shows very early
and shall also at the film Gasparone the "Tarantella"
! To dance Ballet lessons with slides and Luca Toni
"But my life desire to dance 'was not met."
Was 42 years as a freelance editor working, especially in
Documentary (many portraits of artists, including award for Portrait
Christine Lavant), Jazz in Poland with Walter Richard Langer, music editor with
Pirchner Werner, editor at Ferry Radax.
"I'm open to music freak in all directions. The life-long concerts
become a physical experience! A newspaper article led me to
AGE COMPANY, and for the first time I have the feeling that I am in my life
Once properly. Thank you, Ladies! "

Photo © Sascha Osaka
Photo © Sascha Osaka

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Eva Gloeckner
"Who can walk can dance" (African
"I've been my 20th Birthday dancing enthusiastically
- From classical ballet and, above all
passive. At that time I felt for a classic
Training too old before. Only 48 years ago, I visited
Besides the usual exercises, courses such as yoga,
Feldenkrais, Luna Yoga, Alexander technique, Breathwork.
Besides my day job as an official of the city
Vienna, I then started training as a
Respiratory educator. During this time my confidence grew
to me and my body and I took the courage until now, I am also actively
to participate in dance events, carefully, with dance therapy, movement analysis,
then came by and by pantomime, Biodanza and the like, finally
also contact improvisation and Contemplative Dance to it. In most
these courses - except for Contemplative Dance, a blend of meditation
and movement from silence and from the moment - I was one of the oldest
Participants and did not feel quite so well sometimes. Now I am
63 and have this group of AGE COMPANY found and am excited and
proud of our performance. "

Helene Gratzer
From a girl from a Protestant
Family physician in Slovakia over time:
a refugee child, a student preference, a
Catholic, a "ballet rat," a pioneer (that
the red scarf), a Halbwaisin, emigrant,
Viennese, Coleurdame, swimmer Diana in the SC,
Hotel management student, telephone operator, a chambermaid,
AUAAir a hostess, wife, a receptionist at
GM, mother of two children, hostess, Accounting force
a party member, an organizational consultant,
certified tourist guide in four
Foreign languages, alpha female, Ordination help, pensioner, senior dance
Enthusiastic, Biodanza-follower, grandmother, Tarockspielerin, art lover,
Tourist and performer.
"The public appearance is a big challenge for me, perfection is
not my goal, but the joy of movement to music, and the
Experience in the group. As a sixth language I'm learning now the body language. "
Photo © Sascha Osaka

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Susan Claudia Krasny

"I've been married 64, have one son and two
And grandchildren can have more time for my
Hobbies and jobs use than before. My
Hobbies are mainly:
Dancing, singing in a gospel choir, travel, culture,
Hiking and my job. I dance in a
great line dance group and I have even a
founded small dance group, Granny ', which I
have different appearances.
At times I am working with other dance forms
and movement forms such as Latin Dance, Pilates,
Taiji, contemporary dance and pantomime.
When I dance to music that I like, I give myself to this music
out, forget all my worries and feel relaxed physically and mentally and
Professionally I am a beautician, nutritionist and massage therapist and work
also freelance for several companies. Furthermore, I also work as a model for 60 +
an agency doing fashion shows and presentations. This work
all make me very happy and I do not want to miss it. My motto is:
Enjoy your life as long as possible. "

Veronika Kritzer
"My body loves to be released in a
Movement, which only by music, perceptions and
Emotion is controlled by the mind and
its judgments, inspired and supported by a
Group of like-minded people. Together to express something
similar to that in our women's bodies
As is stored, increases the intensity and
creates a deep sense of connectedness that makes me
with animated touches, makes it strong and cheerful. 45 years
, I was slim as a whip. This has
changed and the confusion about my new contours
took a few years now until I deeply disagree
am with my current body.
It feels so wonderful inside and out and he carries me, almost without
Fax, a very pleasurable way through my life. I can almost everything from him
have. My body is my most immediate means of communication and I love
it, in this, language to speak '.
Built in 1952, 30 years a body therapist, 3 children, several men, dance and
Theater pleasure since I can remember. "
Photo © Sascha Osaka

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Antonia Lersch
Birth year 1946, a man and three children, five
Grandchildren, former day job inter alia Social Worker
and music teacher, to compensate music,
Theater, dance, active and passive, and textile crafts
with emphasis on practical jewelry;
Specialty piano accompaniment by instrumental
soloists and singers; Disabilities
by disc operations, realization
of musical cabaret solo programs = one
woman show e.g. "Women's Love and Life and
other impositions "," Wiener bonbonnière - Lersch á
la carte, "ie voice, piano, stage, costumes
and moderation, member of the ensemble L.E.O. - Last rants Opera Theater.
"Small, Rebirth of the musculoskeletal sector of the AGE COMPANY;
Self = pure pleasure, so call me as 'limelight', oink, oink! "

Hortensia Marcu
Born in 1939 in Timisoara, Romania. Education:
Degree in the Institute of Anglistik
Germanic languages at the University of Bucharest,
Romania, living in and counselor training
Vienna. Emigrated in 1983 from Romania and lives
since 1984 in Vienna.
Employed 36 years of the American Embassy
in Bucharest and Vienna. In board since 2003.
"At the dance I'm a total newbie, but it makes
I enjoy. Actually I'm from this project
Joined curiosity. I wanted to see if I can be creative 'and lo!
if one tries hard, one is at least a little creative. Actually, I am
even more of a head man ', but movement has always been fun and does
it still. "
Other interests: reading, language learning, listening to classical music, jazz,
cook, human communication.

Photo © Sascha Osaka
Photo © Sascha Osaka

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Sarah Paul
"I was born in Vienna in 1953 and have always
much love and moved (gymnastics and swimming club)
but also in my profession as a qualified physiotherapist.
After the birth of my daughters, I made complementary medicine
Inter alia training craniosacral
Therapy, Edukinesthetik. In 1992 I learned Aliou Dieme
at an event for children at the Museum of Ethnology
. Know In the summer after I attended a
- I sustained impressive - three weeks
Dance classes with him in Senegal in the Casamance. Short
after that - I wanted something more to do with dancing -
I began with Wilfried Gürtler a dance and expressive therapy training. It
followed various courses like belly dance, authentic movement, contact improvisation,
Tango Theater, to enlarge my repertoire of movement.
Have also taken part in courses and summer schools, to my
improve artistic expression.
Since 2001, I also work as "artistic Wunscherfüllerin."

Sigrid Prihoda
"Born in 1943, colorful childhood in Vienna and
Kahlenbergerdorf with four brothers ...
First language studies, then art history and
Archaeology, Dr. phil. - To feel like dry
Bread. In the 1980erJahren, after 2 children and the
Separation from my husband I'm starting from scratch,
this time towards the body-work. We found the
, Council for a natural birth '(now
, Nanaja '), a process of realization will crush us
Women and, consequently, the hospitals. I turn my
new training courses: Reflexology, bioenergetics,
Singing, Polarity with Eva Reich, cranio-sacral osteopathy, breathing with holotropic
Stan Grof, mask making and games, rhythm, with Reinhard Flatischler, etc. Since
1993 daily meditation (Raja Yoga), it opens up new dimensions. Free
Statements and 'The Journey' as being the last tools to investigate
the human being.
At that time it seemed like a perpetual new beginning. Now I see: it was
a fairly consistent way - driven by endless curiosity - always
again in the right direction, like a hopsiger dance through life. I am
satisfied. However: I perform in front of strange people, 'I do
secretly fear that I would be happy behind me ... "

Photo © Sascha Osaka

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Auguste Reichel
MAS, St. Pölten, born 1948, married to René
Reichel, 3 sons.
Psychotherapist, supervisor, educational therapist for
Integrative therapy and exercise therapy at the
Danube University Krems, Department of Psychosocial
Medicine and Psychotherapy, since 1978, teachers
for creative dance, courses in cooperation with
of Lower Austria. National Academy, author of "Dance for
entirely, "Ökotopiaverlag, management and direction of
Movement theater and dance projects in St. Pölten:
"Vib - visions in motion." More information
"One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star ..."
"Dance is for life. As the fullness of life is detected? How can
Life express? Everyone has the dance in itself. The creative dance and gives me
People of all ages opportunities to give this life-form abundance. "

Ilse Stadler
Born in Horn, trade school, 13 years
International Group in Vienna beschäftigt.1989 -
date with "argentina culture region" for regional educational and
Cultural work employed. Initiating and organizing
of art, culture and dance projects in the Waldviertel,
e.g. Horner dance weeks, women's art days
Metaffa Dance Theater. From 1995 to 2006
the artistic direction of Guillermo Horta ten o'clock
Pieces developed. Organizing dance workshops
with renowned dance teachers and choreographers
as Koffi Kôkô, Guillermo Horta, Nicole Berndt-Caccivio, Rusty Lester,
Editta Braun, John Randolf.
Training: Health Fitness, Integrative dance education, LIMA -
training for senior citizens, Franklin method. As an instructor in all these areas
active in Gföhl and Langenlois. Secretary at the club "Langenlois culture";
Coordinator of the "dance dream" - Association for the promotion of contemporary
Dance theater in the Waldviertel. "My desire is to like-minded people Kunstund
Participate in cultural projects that are not necessarily mainstream ', perhaps
will open up new perspectives, curious and of course making fun. "

Photo © Sascha Osaka

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is a joint project of alters.kulturen. Association for creative lifestyles "
and the "wicked cultural region".
Two dance-crazy people, Nora and Ilse Aschacher Stadler had almost
simultaneously the same idea:
contemporary dance performance with people around and over 50

The project is long term as a cross-generational and intercultural.
European and international examples of successful "Old Age" -
Companies, under the contemporary professional artistic director
Develop dance pieces were landmarks.
The productions are in the form of informal workshop-performances or
shown to public performances.

"Change of direction" is the first contemporary dance performance

If you want to join us:
Nora Aschacher: nora.aschacher @
Ilse Stadler:

Alters.kulturen Association for creative lifestyles

is an informal think tank of Nora and Elizabeth Aschacher Nöstlinger
was founded.

In the coming decades, the proportion of over-60s from the
Total population in Austria by about 40% increase and the future
Wealth is also on the creativity and innovation of the older
Generations depend.

to question the currently popular notions of age,
identify new ways of life for aging people
to design additional realistic, modern images of age,
to recognize the individual creative potential for development, strengthen and
act out in order to fulfill their dreams to design age careers
to use open spaces to a fresh start without the
to lose by the age limits of the eye,
own experiences, to deepen their own knowledge and transfer of
against the social exclusion of older people
to make and act on active social participation,
arge region culture

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arge region culture

The region arge kultur (ark) is currently providing in four structurally weak regions in
Austria (Waldviertel, Lower Austria, Upper Austria / Austria, Südkärnten bilingual,
Wagrain / Salzburg) regional educational and cultural work. The staff of the ark
Encourage people to help shape their social environment while testing
new forms of grassroots educational and cultural work. This involves, inter alia,
the variety and diversity of activities and target groups.
The cultural formation of the ark is aimed at projects where it comes to promoting
own artistic and creative activity going on and an active discussion
to create in communities with art and artists. Furthermore,
The aim is to continue to confront the reality of life with their culture
. Promote In the field of artistic and creative self-activity it involves the competent
and modern teaching techniques, especially in group processes,
which is also very different individual levels of development
be taken into account and allows for individual reaction steps

"Aging is like a dance on uneven ground"
(Gerda Lerner, Austrian historian, from the magazine "L'homme")

The demographic trends show that more in the coming years
more people are living longer. In Austria, the proportion of people over 60 -
Olds in the total population increase by 40%. It is therefore a
Based society, the environment for the
devote more attention to aging so that people in
secure social environment to live. Financial security
but not in future be sufficient. For it is about this independent
Age stage to make way as to create "lifetime" is. It is
therefore a major task in society include the elderly
to give opportunity to realize their creative potential and live out.
The new generation sees the aging of the old and new freedoms
says to himself "when, if not now," "why not", "what they do to me already
! Do. "

Creativity is questioned
Creativity is identity. International studies show the positive
Influence of creativity on the health and welfare of older people.
In the largest U.S. study on aging "Successful Aging" featured the two
Authors Kahn and Rowe 1999 states that participation in social and recreational
Activities of one of three key factors for a "successful aging" is.
The U.S. study "The Impact of Professionally Conducted Cultural Programs on
Older Adults "deals first with the impact of creativity on
elderly. The results showed: Mature, under professional guidance
of cultural activities like singing, writing and painting were taking part in
better health than those in the control group: they fell less

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had fewer hip injuries, lower drug consumption, lower
Vision problems, they went to the doctor less often, felt less lonely and
did not suffer as much from depression. In the Austrian study "social capital
with the elderly - Happy Aging (Office of the organization of applied social research,
January 2007) includes the promotion of self-development activities
recommended social and economic productivity.

Art is like chocolate for the brain

This experience, Dr. Gay Hanna of the National Center for Creative Aging,
USA made. Since art and creativity demonstrated a substantial positive
affects the lives of older people, is the U.S. Center
cultural and artistic activities of the elderly. "Art," says Gay
Hanna, "allows us to learn something new every time, also allows older
People to enter and express themselves, regardless of whether they
Previous knowledge or not. " Because the brain is not necessarily to
Programmed descent. It produces new brain cells to death and it can
those areas activated that were not used in previous years, as a kind
Compensation for the aging.

Everyone is a dancer

Dance is one of the earliest forms of art, one of the most original means of expression.
The opportunity in the form of contemporary dance performance
artistic expression, was previously used by older people hardly.
It did not fit the stereotype images that society for their older
fellow citizens had provided. At the same time contemporary dance came in
Self-image of the elderly is also not available. That changed only a few
Than 50 years to 80-year-old first entered those stages, the pro-
dancers had left at the age of 35. They wanted neither Salsa
still waltz or perform dances for senior citizens, but as active artists
in the field of contemporary dance performance presented publicly.
"And who will see you?", "Have you not afraid to make yourself look ridiculous?"
got the older dance pioneers often heard. Meanwhile prove
European and international examples, that "Old Age" Companies
have artistic significance.
Contemporary dance performances that allow the actors to their own
Resources to detect directly and immediately, their own movement patterns
and thus to expand its own action repertoire, precision, expressiveness
and presence to acquire and play. Contemporary Dance
is a high performance training for body and mind, promotes social skills,
Memory, creativity and mobility. Motion is self-confidence.

Want to join us:
Nora Aschacher: nora.aschacher @
Ilse Stadler:

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Graphic design: Werner Scholz

Paintings by
Noelle Williamson
of Bisakha Sarker and Diane Amans rehearsing their piece for this conference.

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