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Landmark Chaturangan initiatives

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Flyer front

transition was a two-day conference investigating heritage through dance
held in partnership with Sampad and the National Museums Liverpool
7th & 8th March 2008 at the World Museum Liverpool

Nationally acclaimed Artistic Director, Bisakha Sarker, presented a full programme of events with thought provoking lectures and challenging debates. Taking dance as its focal point this two day conference explored and examined what heritage means in today's society.

For an archive of conference information, see here.

*** New *** François Matarasso's concluding summary and thoughts *** New ***

The conference was managed by the Aspire Trust Ltd. Email Aspire Trust

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click sacred move

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2006 was designated "Year of Performance" by Liverpool Culture Company as part of the build-up to the Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. In response to this, Chaturangan ran a conference entitled Marks of time in partnership with Hope University. The conference explored appropriate performance practice in advancing years, and was held on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th January 2007.

"The Marks of Time conference was a great success. We had over 80 participants as well as many performers, and the event was inspirational for all concerned. The highlight was the performance by Bisakha Sarker on the Friday evening, with musical accompaniment by Chris Davies. A few phrases from the conference will remain in my memory: "Brightness of Life"; "Add life to years as well as years to life". Thanks to all of Chaturangan and Aspire Trust for the work they put into the organisation. " - Eric Foxley

Bisakha poemFor the conference schedule and an archive of conference information click here.

For links to some of the submitted papers click here.

Videos from the conference can be found at the Marks Of Time blog -

All 13 of the Marks Of Time 2007 performances are now archived as a set of 3 DVDs. For more details contact .
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click sacred move
Sacred Move


2004 was celebrated as year of "Faith in one City"by Liverpool Culture Company. In response to this Chaturangan produced "Sacred Move", a soulful production of new dance, live music and spoken words. Chaturangan has created an initiative that celebrates Liverpool’s diverse cultural and devotional heritage. The first two performances took place in Liverpool's Anglican and Catholic cathedrals in 2004.

  In 2005, Liverpool Culture Company's "Year of the Sea", Chaturangan toured "Across the Sea", a programme of extensive community projects together with a performance of "Sacred Move" to Cork (European Capital of Culture 2005).
St George's Hall

In January 2007, at the invitation of Liverpool Culture Company, Chaturangan performed "Sacred Move" at the St George's Hall, Liverpool to launch their cultural programme for 2007.

"The performance of Sacred Move was inspiring, and clearly represents the spirit of Faith in One City" - Jason

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Dance of the Night Sky

Dance of the Night Sky


On Saturday 11th March 2006 at 12 noon Chaturangan launched its dance installation programme "Dance of the Night Sky" for Liverpool Planetarium. This is a Planetarium show based on an ancient Indian myth about the origin of the Plough, the Pleiades and the double stars Alcar and Mizar. The installation was shown every Sunday afternoon throughout 2006 and 2007 at the Planetarium.

See more images and paintings here.

" I found the museum show an intelligent and alchemical synthesis of dance, myth and science. The show was not only very entertaining, but educational on both a cultural and scientific level. The filmed dance/drama performances projected onto the planetarium ceiling against a back drop of the night sky showed high quality expressive / creative Indian dance, which at the same time was traditional and highly archetypal." - Paul Ishtar

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