A Conference Investigating Heritage Through Dance 


I really enjoyed it, and you put together a really wonderful programme. JMcG

I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to the conference. It was a very special event, different from Marks of Time but, I think, every bit as successful and important. I have come away with lots of ideas and impressions and I feel very privileged to have been there. FM

Thanks for a stimulating and friendly event. NK

It was just great, congratulations, it's amazing that you achieve such wonderful events which are so beneficial to everyone. JEF

It was really memorable. I've still got images from Bahok in my head! S

Thank you for a wonderful two days. The hotel was a real treat, the museum was a real nice venue and the Conference was first of all a triumph, second, really apposite and stimulating. The general mood was so lovely, so friendly and genuine and un -egotistical. And the mix of dance and talk, lecture and discussion was wonderful. You are a great great woman. SR

A quick note to say how wonderful I thought the Transitions conference was, some extremely stimulating and inspirational voices and dances. Thank you so much for including me. KB

Comments from Tim Francis.

Comments from Uzma Kazi and Samantha Jackson.

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