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Sacred Move

Sacred Move is a soulful evening of new dance, live music and spoken words to mark "Faith in One City". It was devised by Bisakha Sarker with support from David Heirons.

The "Sacred Move" project demonstrates the presence of different faiths in the City. We achieve this by working in partnership with these faiths and have created a quality performance piece. We also initiated an outreach programme to inspire inclusive spirituality. The project encourages investment in culturally diverse artists to prepare them to take a fuller part in the Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008 celebration. The project builds on strategic collaborations with artists outside the region to raise the national profile of artists from Merseyside and thereby improving their job opportunities.

Chaturangan has created a project that celebrates Liverpool’s diverse cultural and devotional heritage. The project uses dance as a medium to bring these diverse faiths and traditions together and results in a performance in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

The performance isl a moving and spectacular artistic expression that can truly reflect the spirit of ‘Faith in One City’. It is a multi-faith work with contemporary artistic influence and gives aspiration to all including those who were born in Liverpool and those who have adopted it as their home.

The project has three components.

  • A specially composed piece of music which weaves in various sounds of chanting, singing and reading from different faith traditions, along with instrumental music.
  • A new dance choreographed in a combination of classical South Asian and various contemporary styles, performed by dancers from different cultures from the North West, with different dance backgrounds.
  • Lighting and costume design is an outreach / workshop programme, ‘Gift of Faith’ delivered to senior schools, daycentres, hospitals and prison services. The workshops in this programme include presentations by local performers from Liverpool’s diverse faith traditions around a theme of co-operation and harmony, with a particular emphasis upon positive relationships between communities that are perceived of being in conflict. For example: Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh.

The project began in April/May 2004 and the first performance took place in August 2004.

The 2005 project in this series is called Across the Sea, and took place in Cork.

Sacred Move features Levi Tafari (poet), Arun Ghosh (composer). We are putting a recording from the live performance here.

  [Photos by Simon Richardson]

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