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Across the sea

We are coping together
We are hoping together
We are striving together
Making life’s journey better

This is the sentiment expressed by Levi Tafari, the Rastaferian poet from Liverpool, in the popular cross arts dance theatre production Sacred Move, which was created to mark the Liverpool Culture Company's theme for 2004 "Faith in one city". Sacred Move is a piece of work where the soulful movements of South Asian dance meet the dynamism of contemporary dance and the haunting music of clarinet greets the resounding chanting of contemporary rap poetry.

It presents a cohesive image of Liverpool's diverse cultural heritage.

For a long time Liverpool was associated with riots and deprivation. At the onset of the preparation for the celebration of Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008, it is time to promote a positive image of the diverse cultural communities of Liverpool. With this in mind Chaturangan has taken Sacred Move across the sea to Cork, the EU Capital of Culture 2005.

At the same time we initiated a cultural exchange by collaborating with the institute of Choreography, Cork.

Outline of the project square

For five days a team of five professional dancers, a music composer and a designer were in Cork to work collaboratively with the Institute of Choreography to create a piece based, if possible, on a myth about the sea. Towards the end of the week the rest of the cast of Sacred Move joined the team for rehearsal, necessary rework for the venue and the performance of Sacred Move.

The Cork performance took place at the Institute for Choreography and Dance, Firkin Crane, Shandon, Cork on Friday 13th May 2005.

See here for photos by Simon Richardson of the event in Cork Public Library.

The new collaborative piece can be seen in Liverpool as a part of appropriate artistic programmes in the city, e.g. Brauhaha Park event and/or other platforms.

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