Fleeting Moments
Fleeting Moments

Fleeting Moments is an artistic intervention to enhance the health and wellbeing of people at the early stages of Dementia and their support network and to improve their quality of life.  Through a series of choreolabs, residencies and consultation the artistic team will work with people from this marginalised group to create multi art form culturally diverse productions that will be performed on two occasions  at The Bluecoat.

The production will provide a professional platform for the work created for and in consultation with people with early onset of dementia and will subtly and sensitively weave audience participation into the pieces to encourage greater engagement of this target  audience.

The artists supported by a focus group of the target audience , will collectively or individually explore different themes to create short piece of work that will invite the  audience to engage with it. The engagement will be both physical and intellectual.

We have received funding from Liverpool city council and the Arts Council.

The first performance at The bluecoat will take place on Fri the 22nd of February at 2pm. Keeping the particular needs of the target group of people and their access needs in mind ,we  had to limit the audience no to 50.

We are delighted  that  we have created a new dance to a poem by Larry Gardiner.

Since having a diagnosis of dementia Laurence Gardiner has become a champion to give voice to the people living with dementia.

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