Fleeting Moments
Be a person - by Larry Gardiner

Be a person

Be appealing

Be a rascal

Be sincere

Be alert

Be alarming

Be astounding

Just be here!

Be outrageous

Be acerbic

Be demanding

Be adroit

Be quixotic

Be exotic

Be unhappy

Just be uncorked!

Be pedantic

Be a prowler

Be xenophobic

Be astute

Be impulsive

Be ignoble

Be gregarious

Just be cute!

Be catastrophic

Be a terror

Be pedestrian

Be proud

Be immobile

Be a snowball

Be unyielding

Just be loud!

Be rambunctious

Be fearless

Be feisty

Be free

Be misanthropic

Be soulful

Be delighted

Just be me?

©Larry Gardiner [website]

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