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Do not yet fold your wings

Do not yet fold your wings
Bisakha Sarker
Saturday 17th October - Sunday 22nd November 2015

Do not yet fold your wings is a multi-media art work that reflects on the notion of a meaningful life as presented in Dr Atul Gawande's 2014 Reith Lecture series “The Future of Medicine”.

The words of the twentieth century Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore “Do not fold your wings” offered Bisakha a framework to artistically explore Dr Gawande's thoughts on hope and fear.

This work sees Bisakha's continued search for a late style which embraces the demands of a body changing with time. She has collaborated closely with choreographer Marc Brew to find an appropriate physical vocabulary, composer and musician Chris Davies on the soundtrack and visual artist Ansuman Biswas on translating these movements into an immersive video installation. This project has been commissioned by The Baring Foundation as part of their wider programme “Late Style”.

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