Me-time is a community dance project for mothers of children with disability who attend the Everton Children & Family Centre.

The plan was to offer the group the possibility of new activities. They would learn Indian dance movements, and then give a presentation to their children in the nursery. The group responded enthusiastically to the idea of learning a new style of dance, but was reluctant to perform. They became interested in the whole cultural background of the dance. Every community dance project has to be sensitive to the needs of the participants.

Alongside their regular dance sessions we introduced other activities such as dressing up in Indian clothes, jewellery making and creating fun objects for the children from fruit and vegetables. The process then gathered its own momentum, and the group accepted an invitation to visit Fact, a centre for digital arts, for a photoshoot by a professional photographer. Here they also attended a children's performance of 'In search of a different tune'. This visit inspired them to perform for their children, a prospect that they had initally declined.

What they said!

I just wanted to say a big thankyou for working with the mums in our centre.

They got so much from working with you and some of the other artists.

Take care, hopefully see you soon

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