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Ali Harwood - Images for Dance of the Night Sky

The initial viewing of this new installation took place at the Livepool Planetarium on Saturday 11th March.

The twelve images displayed show parts of the story of the creation of the star cluster known as the Pleiades in Greek mythology and the Krttika in Hindu thought.

Brahma the four-headed creator, rides on a magnificent bird.
  Seven pillars represent the seven wise men or 'Rishis'. These Rishis pray to the god of fire.
    Arundhati is the devoted partner of Vashishtha, one of the Rishis.
Swaha desires Agni, the god of fire.
Agni's baby grows inside Swaha's womb. The world is thrown into chaos with the baby's birth. Chaos reigns and people grieve for those they have lost.
The baby grows up to be Skanda, the god of War, who brings order and harmony to the world through strength and justice. Skanda rides on a peacock.

Meanwhile Arundhati remains devoted to Vashishtha in the night sky. They are still there today, where some people see the handle of the Plough.

Other images for Sacred Move

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