King Billy Sessions
  King Billy song mp3s  
1 A sailor's life (Joy)  
2 A single sailor (Joy)  
3 Alderly Edge (Ken)  
4 All for me grog (Eric)  
5 As I sat on a Sunny Bank (Ken, live at KB)  
6 Babes In The Wood (Ken)  
7 Blow the candles out (Joy)  
8 Bold Riley O (Ken)  
9 Bonnie George Campbell (Joy)  
10 Bonny lass of Fyfie (Joy)  
11 Botany Bay (Ken)  
12 Brownie banks (Eric)  
13 Bushes & briars (Ken)  
14 Cherry Tree Carol (Joy, live at KB)  
15 Croppy boy (Joy)  
16 Cupid's garden (Ken)  
17 Curragh of Kildare (Joy)  
18 Flowers of Edinburgh (Eric)  
19 Four Mairies (Joy)  
20 Go from my window (Joy)  
21 Good night and Joy be with you (Ken)  
22 Green grow the laurels (Joy)  
23 Hessel Road (Ken)  
24 Ho Ri Ho Ro  
25 Holmfirth anthem (Ken)  
26 Horizonto (Eric)  
27 Horizonto (Eric)  
28 I loved a lad (Joy)  
29 I loved a lad  
30 John Barleycorn (Eric)  
31 Jug of punch (Eric)  
32 Just as the tide was flowing (Ken)  
33 Kenny Gilles of Portnalong (Eric)  
34 Korybushka (Eric)  
35 Ladies Go Dancing At Whitsun (Ken)  
36 Life Of A Man (Ken)  
37 Linden Lea (Ken)  
38 Little pot stove (Ken)  
39 Love is teasing (Joy)  
40 Man Of The Soil  
41 Marlene's new waltzes (Eric)  
42 My proper name is Clarence (Ken)  
43 New high level (Eric)  
44 Once I had a sweetheart (Joy)  
45 One starry night (Joy)  
46 Only Remembered (Ken)  
47 Padstow Leaving Song (Ken)  
48 Port Mahon  
49 Punch and Judy man (Ken)  
50 Rolling Home (Ken)  
51 Rosabella (Ken)  
52 Rose of Allendale (Joy)  
53 Rovin rovin (Ken)  
54 Sailsbury Plain (Joy)  
55 Salisbury Plain (Joy, live at KB)  
56 Seeds of love (Joy)  
57 She moved through the fair (Joy)  
58 Somewhere along the road (Ken)  
59 Soul of man (Ken)  
60 The Hooly and the Ivy  
61 The Wedding Song (Ken)  
62 Time Ashore (Ken)  
63 Tommys Gone To Hilo (Ken)  
64 Union miners (Ken)  
65 When all men sing (Ken, live at KB)  
66 Working life out to keep life in (Ken)  
See also Young Folk
Recorded at the Dunkirk Arts Centre, Nottingham NG7 2JN
66 songs
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