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  Joy Foxley - Indian dance & storytelling animateur  

Joy Foxley is a teacher of dance and music. She specialises in Indian dance and storytelling, and British dance and song. For all of these she can provide exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops to suit a wide variety of situations and groups. Ages ranging from nursery to adults can be accommodated.

Indian dance

Working with younger children, the emphasis would probably be on the use of dance, story and mime to
  • tell a classical Indian story in English;
  • tell the same story using the appropriate narrative dance; and
  • take a short dance workshop on parts of the dance.
See Joy's animation of the Chota Hathi story in English and German, and the project work produced by a school after she had taught the Hafiz the Stone-cutter story.

A visit would be preceded by discussions with the staff concerned, to plan details of the approach to be taken, and to ensure that any follow-up activities were integrated with the school's curriculum.

When working with older children, a similar pattern would be followed, but there would be more discussion with the children about general aspects of India and Indian life, using artifacts from the exhibition.

British dance and song

Joy is an expert in many areas of British folk dance and song. She can teach British folk dances and songs, and has extensive experience in working with small and large groups, both young and old. In all cases the emphasis is on participation. She can also teach British traditional dance, and clog dancing. Specialised cassettes of music can be provided to be left with the school, so that the work can be continued by teachers in the school after the visit.

Fitting into the curriculum

An individual programme can be designed to fit into any particular area of the curriculum. This could include multi-cultural studies, dance, music, crafts, or story and language studies.

If appropriate, more than one visit can be arranged, to provide a greater depth of study, or to assist in follow-up work.


The exhibition includes pictures, books, fabrics, musical instruments, children's toys, records and cassettes, and other traditional artifacts collected in England and during numerous visits abroad.

See Joy's biodata on another page. For further information contact Joy directly (Joy Foxley, 31 Greenfield Street, Dunkirk, Nottingham NG7 2JN, UK, phone ++44-115-9786858) or by e-mail.

The above work is supported by East Midlands Arts, whose help is greatfully acknowledged.

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