Freds Folks Ceilidh Band Music Book

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from the music of Freds Folks Ceilidh Band

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Rants 01
Rev 3.3
Morpeth Rant
New High Level
Johnny's Gone to France
Rants 02
Rev 2.4
Flowers of Edinburgh standard
Shepton Reel
Soldiers' Joy
Rants 03
Rev 2.4
La Russe
Roxburgh Castle
Drowsy Maggie
Rants 04
Rev 2.5
Come Dance and Sing
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff standard
Timour The Tartar
Grand Old Duke of York
Rants 05
Rev 3.4
Fairy Dance
The Breakdown
The Pearl Wedding
Rants 06
Rev 2.6
Winster Galop
Wiltshire Tempest
Rants 07
Rev 2.5
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel
Dorset Four Hand Reel
Rants 08
Rev 2.4
Bonny Breast Knot 1
Caddum Woods
Drunken Sailor
Rants 09
Rev 3.5
The Girl With the Blue Dress on
Jenny Lind standard
What the Devil
Linhope Loup
Rants 10
Rev 2.3
Athole Flowers of Edinburgh
Corn Rigs standard
Jinglin Johnnie
Rigs O' Mallow
Rants 11
Rev 2.6
Bonnie Kate
Teetotaller's Reel standard
Cuckoo's Nest Scottish
Rants 12
Rev 2.3
Scottish Circassian Circle
Merry Blacksmith
Speed The Plough

Rants index by title

Athole Flowers of Edinburgh Page 10
Ballantynes Page 02
Bonnie Kate Page 11
Bonny Breast Knot 1 Page 08
Caddum Woods Page 08
Come Dance and Sing Page 04
Corn Rigs standard Page 10
Cuckoo's Nest Scottish Page 11
Dorset Four Hand Reel Page 07
Drowsy Maggie Page 03
Drunken Sailor Page 08
Fairy Dance Page 05
Flowers of Edinburgh standard Page 02
Galopede Page 06
Grand Old Duke of York Page 04
Jenny Lind standard Page 09
Jinglin Johnnie Page 10
Johnny's Gone to France Page 01
La Russe Page 03
Linhope Loup Page 09
Merry Blacksmith Page 12
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff standard Page 04
Morpeth Rant Page 01
New High Level Page 01
Rigs O' Mallow Page 10
Roxburgh Castle Page 03
Scottish Circassian Circle Page 12
Shepton Reel Page 02
Soldiers' Joy Page 02
Speed The Plough Page 12
Teetotaller's Reel standard Page 11
The Breakdown Page 05
The Girl With the Blue Dress on Page 09
The Pearl Wedding Page 05
Timour The Tartar Page 04
West's Page 03
What the Devil Page 09
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel Page 07
Wiltshire Tempest Page 06
Winster Galop Page 06

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