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Brittany_2001 01 Oyster Girl
Five O'clock in the morning\
Brian Borouhme
Brittany_2001 02 Harry's Rant\
Rochdale Rushcart\
Brittany_2001 03 McCusker Hornpipe
Man from Newry
Brittany_2001 04 Cairn on the Moor
Planxty Irwin
Lovely Nancy
Brittany_2001 05 Winster Galop
Sweets of May
Brittany_2001 06 Abbeyfield
Wollaton Park
Brittany_2001 07 Singing of the Travels
Winster Processional
Fieldtown Processional
Gisburn Processional
Brittany_2001 08 Rodney's Glory
Kid on the Mountain
Brittany_2001 09 Princess Royal
King of the Fairies McCusker
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel
Brittany_2001 10 Lady of Ardross
Brittany_2001 11 Cleveland Park
Banks of the Allan
Kenny Gilles of Portnalong
Brittany_2001 12 Soldiers' Joy
Top of the Cork Road
Redesdale Hornpipe
Paddy Whack
Brittany_2001 13 Blodau'r Drain
Ffarwel Ir Marian
Jenny Lind standard
Brittany_2001 14 Nonesuch
Hole in the Wall
The Brownie Banks\
Brittany_2001 15 Maguire & Paterson
The South Wind
Jenny lies weeping

Brittany_2001 index by title

The Brownie Banks\ Page 14
King of the Fairies McCusker Page 09
Man from Newry Page 03
McCusker Hornpipe Page 03
Redesdale Hornpipe Page 12
Brian Borouhme Page 01
Top of the Cork Road Page 12
Five O'clock in the morning\ Page 01
Oyster Girl Page 01
Paddy Whack Page 12
Sweets of May Page 05
Cleveland Park Page 11
Banks of the Allan Page 11
Kenny Gilles of Portnalong Page 11
Princess Royal Page 09
Fieldtown Processional Page 07
Gisburn Processional Page 07
Winster Processional Page 07
Singing of the Travels Page 07
Hole in the Wall Page 14
Nonesuch Page 14
Abbeyfield Page 06
Harry's Rant\ Page 02
Jenny Lind standard Page 13
Lady of Ardross Page 10
Rochdale Rushcart\ Page 02
Rodney's Glory Page 08
Soldiers' Joy Page 12
Whinshields Page 02
Wiltshire Six Hand Reel Page 09
Winster Galop Page 05
Wollaton Park Page 06
Kid on the Mountain Page 08
Blodau'r Drain Page 13
Cairn on the Moor Page 04
Ffarwel Ir Marian Page 13
Jenny lies weeping Page 15
Lovely Nancy Page 04
Maguire & Paterson Page 15
Planxty Irwin Page 04
The South Wind Page 15

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