Performer: Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Choreography: Efva Lilja
Soundscore: Tommy Zwedberg,

A solo that draws a personal portrait of a dancer wanting to forget in order to be able to move on. Holds no memory is a dance about desire - fulfilled and unfulfilled…a dance about growing older and never giving up.


Ana Sánchez-Colberg and Theatre enCorps returned to The Place to be among the 37 contemporary dance artists chosen to take part in Choreodrome 2005, The Place’s biennial Summer research project. The project Holds no memory is a collaboration with veteran Swedish choreographer Efva Lilja.
The project is a dialogue in art, about the role of memory inscribed in the body and the effect of that inscription on how movement develops into a language of performance.

In the project these issues include the mature artists’ attitude towards her memory/body, how that shapes identity, as well as the socio-cultural parameters that circumscribe age/movement/expression within society generally and dance culture specifically. The title of the R&D “Holds no memory” articulated as negative, aims to re-evaluate the act of re-inscription, examining memory as something that shapes a future potential as opposed to re-articulating past. Central to the R&D is the fact that two artists in very different stages of their careers are coming together. This ‘difference’ marks two different perspectives, two differently inscribed bodies, and two different kinaesthetics embedded in the work itself as it generates its particular kinaesthetics at the moment of performance.

Dancer Ana Sánchez-Colberg
Choreography Efva Lilja
Original Music Tommy Zwedberg

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