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Mad About Books PROJECT 2010 

Telling Tales: Story Scrolls from India

Stockport Art Gallery

Exhibition dates 9th July – Sept 25th

North West touring exhibition tells tales from India

Museum visitors across the North West will get the chance to see a collection of contemporary Bengali scrolls that have never been on show before. Telling Tales: Story Scrolls from India will display six beautiful and vibrant scrolls created by leading contemporary Indian artists.

 As a part of this exhibition the Art Gallery organised different arts activities for the families during the summer holidays .


Wed 17 August


Stockport Art Gallery: 10am - 12noon 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Chaturangan  delivered a workshop

Watch Out! Mosquitoes bite!  .... based on their new resource storycard with talking pen ,developed in partnership with LSTM (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine). This work was introduced as a modern tool for storytelling just as the Pata chitras  are traditionally used for stories come alive .

Te workshops invites tge participants  to “Step into the amazing world of story-telling through Indian dance.  Use your body to ‘become the story’ with Indian dancer, Bishaka Sarker and her team of artists (Joy Foxley  to support dsance and story developing  and   Chris Davies as the musical narrator.

A magical session, where hand gestures create shapes and the body forms lines that paint vivid pictures in the mind. Sway in the Indian heat, hear the mosquitoes buzzing and feel the fever during this unique

multi-sensory experience.

Comments of the participants

      It was fun and interesting. Grace Bluff aged 6.

      It was very good and very interesting. The music was good. Oliver Bluff aged 10.

      Great, so informative, really enjoyed, taken by lovely adults. Thank you.

      We really enjoyed the session today as the kids moved around. Enjoyed the music and did some art too.

      I thought it was really fun, I loved the instruments and listening to them, the dancing was fun.

      I thought it was really fun. I loved my favourite instruments, listening and playing the Indian dances. Both ladies were very kind so big thanks to them.

      This was fantastic and my children really enjoyed themselves. It was really fun.

      Very good


Comments from the organisers

Thanks once again for taking part in Mad About Books and sharing your experience and passion with our participants....Jackie Mellor ,Stockport Art Gallery .



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