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Liverpool City Council has designated 2010 as the year of innovation, health and wellbeing, and within this initiative has commissioned ten new dance pieces. Chaturangan is delighted to have been chosen to produce one of these, in light of its earlier work in this area highlighted by the conference "Marks of Time". For this commission Chaturangan is working in partnership with Diane Amans, the founder of Freedom in Dance, well known for her work in training staff in health and social care and managing dance projects in health settings. Our aim is to produce a body of work reflecting on “release from restrictions” from an artistic perspective. The artists will draw on strengths from each other's dance practices, life experience and substantial knowledge of working with older people in a wide range of situations to create this new dance piece.

The themes considered in the choreographic process will vary from a new take on childhood games and the joy of playing with grandchildren to discovering new dynamics that flow naturally, acknowledging and embracing life’s journey so far.

The dance developed from this collaboration can be performed in its entirety as a piece of work in formal venues and can also be adapted for presentation in different health settings. Thes include hospital wards, clinics, health centres, adults and children’s hospices, patient support groups, nursing homes, day care centres, as well as in health related conferences, seminars and art centres.

As the artists develop their work they will programme them in actual health settings. So, side by side with creating the pieces, we will keep negotiating performing opportunities for the pieces and "test" them in different health settings and other dance venues.

As a part of the preparation and planning we will work with a guest choreographer with experience of creating work for the hospital and health settings, and an interest in exploring different possibilities of “body”.

We want to focus on issues and challenges presented by physical changes in an ageing body and the frustrations of loss of memory. In the context of an ageing population in Europe, the practice and aesthetics of dance need to consider how a love of dance can be maintained and developed throughout life. As performing artists through this work we want to get a better understanding of

Where does beauty lie, if not in youth?
Must older dance be second-best, or can it claim its own equal standing?
What are the needs of the ageing person, and how can dance help meet them?
What space is there for creation and performance?

The Royal Liverpool Hospital Stroke Unit has invited us to work with their rehabilitation unit as a part of this project in June 2010.

As a part of their extensive elder’s project Akademi (South Asian Dance UK, London) has expressed interest in this new choreography and has invited Chaturangan to perform in their programme.

The Bluecoat "where cross-discipline exchange is championed and encouraged" has generously offered the use of its space for event.

This event is being managed by the Aspire Trust.

Photos by Simon Richardson

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