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daCi, "Dance and the Child International"

At the beginning of August 2009 Bisakha travelled to Jamaica to deliver a paper entitled "Homesick for the World" at the daCi 2009 conference. She was accompanied by Chaturangan's regular collaborator Noelle Williamson. See here for copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation.

daCi, "Dance and the Child International", is an organisation whose objectives are

* To promote opportunities throughout the world for children and young people to experience dance as creators, performers and spectators
* To ensure the dance interests of children and young people are recognized and developed
* To encourage and make available research into all aspects of dance for children and young people
* To urge all countries to ensure that dance is included in both general education and community programmes
* To provide for the exchange of ideas on dance programmes in school and in the community

The conference was attended by young children and dance professionals from all over the world, from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Canada to the UK.

There were amazing performances and wonderful opportunity for networking with other professionals.

For more information about daCi, see here.


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