Walking & cycling summary from 2003 to 2018
Extracted from the diary on Sat Jan 6 11:34:25 GMTST 2018
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Summary of walking activities
Year Events Duration in hours Distance in kms Energy in kilocalories Ascent in metres
Number with time Total hours Average hours Estimated total Number with kms Total kms Average kms Estimated total Average km/hr Number with kcals Total kcals Average kcals Estimated total Average kcals/km Average kcals/hr Number with ascent Total Average Estimated total
2003 21 26 126.854.88102.4620 1366.81421.12 2050 10252152515.1 167 16592374977
2004 30 41 220.775.38161.5433 2006.11820.94 3030 7582272515.1 1413 24811915725
2005 37 37 92.382.5092.3837 2737.42733.01 650 650240502.4 716 29841866900
2006 46 46 109.282.38109.2849 3918.03673.61 1050 1050483002.7 1011 19571788184
2007 39 42 126.753.02117.7038 2947.73022.3 - - - - 12 25202108190
2008 48 49 111.002.27108.7347 3537.53613.21 550 550264001.6 518 29891667971
2009 51 51 105.082.06105.0850 3727.43803.5 - - - - 4 92323111768
2010 71 71 130.781.84130.7870 4556.54613.5 - - - - 6 136622816164
2011 61 59 106.831.81110.4560 3796.33853.55 2385 477290976.3 229 238026416131
2012 46 45 77.921.7379.6545 2665.92723.4 - - - - 5 6821366274
2013 69 68 92.601.3693.9667 2994.53083.21 544 544375361.8 62 2371188176
2014 70 67 97.531.46101.9069 4136.04194.28 3857 482337499.3 40 0--
2015 62 60 97.881.63101.1560 3636.13753.716 28391 177411001578.2290 0--
2016 43 41 56.281.3759.0342 2295.42344.19 227302 252561085998993.24039 0--
2017 44 44 49.001.1149.0043 2265.22314.63 1750 583256677.8 36 0--
2018 3 3 2.750.922.752 73.5 102.5 - - - - 0--

Summary of cycling activities
Year Events Duration in hours Distance in kms Energy in kilocalories Ascent in metres
Number with time Total hours Average hours Estimated total Number with kms Total kms Average kms Estimated total Average km/hr Number with kcals Total kcals Average kcals Estimated total Average kcals/km Average kcals/hr Number with ascent Total Average Estimated total
2003 64 72 185.182.57164.6164 128220.012826.936 27109 7534819421.11461 83083053120
2004 65 72 143.832.00129.8567 105215.710217.357 45300 7955165843.13152 140 704550
2005 71 75 127.251.70120.4671 106715.010678.458 39701 6844860037.2312 0--
2006 71 73 119.251.63115.9873 151520.8147312.761 50064 8215827133.04202 103051536565
2007 56 69 240.933.49195.5453 114821.712134.850 41808 8364682536.41741 25025014000
2008 56 58 106.421.83102.7556 136024.3136012.840 40629 10165688129.93821 1301307280
2009 46 46 89.671.9589.6746 121826.5121813.631 43163 13926404835.4481 0--
2010 45 45 81.921.8281.9244 106524.2108913.034 44863 13205937842.1548 0--
2011 41 41 87.752.1487.7541 106225.9106212.131 41750 13475521839.3476 0--
2012 36 36 63.501.7663.5035 71320.473411.229 27130 9363367938.0427 0--
2013 2 2 3.371.683.372 2713.7 278.11 477 47795417.4142 0--
2014 20 20 29.671.4829.6719 24913.12638.49 75407 8379167571302.425421 3303306600
2015 11 11 18.501.6818.5011 22020.022011.98 14950 18692055668.1808 0--
2016 26 26 42.081.6242.0826 51719.951712.323 32991 14343729463.8784 0--
2017 36 36 51.101.4251.1036 63317.663312.423 30155 13114719947.6590 0--
2018 0.00

Detail records
Thursday 16th January 2003 walking 01h00 5kmŁ20. Another shop had
Thursday 23rd January 2003:Depart 09h20 in Jenny's car via M1
Friday 31st January 2003 walking 02h00 5.4km, ascent225m
Friday 7th February 2003 walking 03h30 8km
Friday 14th February 2003 walking 01h30 5.5km
Thursday 20th February 2003 walking 02h40 8km
Friday 28th February 2003 walking 01h30 5km ascent138m
Friday 7th March 2003 walking 02h30 8km
Friday 14th March 2003 walking 02h30 8km
Thursday 20th March 2003 walking 02h00 7km
Wednesday 26th March 2003 walking 02h30, 6.6km, ascent190m
Friday 27th June 2003 walking 02h30 6.27km, ascent241m.
Friday 11th July 2003 walking 03h20 7.8km 1550kcal, ascent294m.
Wednesday 30th July 2003:Happy wedding anniversary to us! Cold night,
Thursday 18th September 2003 walking 04h10 10.5km 6.3miŁ5.50. Home 16h00.
Friday 21st November 2003 walking 02h30 8.5km 5.4mi, ascent262m
Thursday 27th November 2003 walking 02h15 7km 500kcals
Friday 5th December 2003 walking 02h30 8km
Wednesday 31st December 2003 walking 01h00 4km
Wednesday 31st December 2003 walking 3km 00h45
Wednesday 31st December 2003 walking 4lm 01h00
Friday 9th January 2004:Cheque for ŁTotal walking 02h20 8km 670kcalsŁ120
Monday 26th January 2004:Alarm 06h45Ł203), then Potclays (clays, batts, glaze
Friday 13th February 2004 walking 02h20 7.2km
Monday 16th February 2004 walking 02h20 6.2km
Thursday 26th February 2004 walking 02h30 7.5km ascent222m
Friday 27th February 2004:Pick up Ann (left Babli in bed
Tuesday 2nd March 2004 walking 02h30 5.8km ascent225m
Thursday 4th March 2004 walking 02h00 3.1km ascent316m
Thursday 18th March 2004 walking 02h30 6.68km ascent190m (130m really)
Friday 26th March 2004 walking 03h00 6.4km ascent300m
Friday 2nd April 2004 walking 02h40 7.1km ascent200m
Friday 30th April 2004 walking 02h30 8km 850kcals
Friday 7th May 2004 walking 02h40 distance 6.8km ascent 228
Friday 24th September 2004 walking 01h45 distance 8.8km = 5km/hr
Wednesday 29th September 2004 walking 01h10 5.21km speed 4.71km/h shown
Friday 1st October 2004 walking 02h40 6.5km ascent178m’s for a
Thursday 7th October 2004 walking 01h20 3km, ascent115m
Friday 8th October 2004 walking 02h15 5.3km, ascent220mé. Home 15h30,
Friday 22nd October 2004 walking 01h50 5.8km = 3.6mi ascent37m
Wednesday 27th October 2004:No Aquafit, it’Total walking 00h51, 4.4km.
Friday 5th November 2004:Woken by the 8 o’clock pips, achingfeet’Total
Wednesday 17th November 2004 walking 01h30 9km 660kcals
Friday 19th November 2004:First snow of the season, very early!
Tuesday 30th November 2004:Joy away…Total walking 02h42 11.1km, 4.12km/h. Home
Wednesday 1st December 2004:Much work on Christmas cards’Total walking 01h20
Monday 13th December 2004:Felt grottyŁTotal walking 01h30 3.2km. Home, &
Sunday 19th December 2004 walking 02h00 7km’s party 4pm, just
Friday 31st December 2004 walking 01h00 4km
Friday 31st December 2004 walking 3km 00h45
Friday 31st December 2004 walking 4lm 01h00
Friday 7th January 2005:Walkies with Jenny, Ann& William Well, Ann found
Friday 14th January 2005:Walkies with Jenny Russ & Lyndi from
Friday 21st January 2005:To Hoveringham for a walk with Jenny
Friday 28th January 2005 walking 02h00 7.7km ascent90m
Friday 4th February 2005 walking 01h45 4.4km average speed 2.54kph“Snooty
Wednesday 16th February 2005 walking 01h40 10km 650kcals
Friday 25th February 2005 walking 01h30, 3.3km
Sunday 27th February 2005 walking 01h20 6.5km
Wednesday 9th March 2005 walking 01h40 9km
Friday 11th March 2005 walking 02h30 8.5km ascent245m
Wednesday 16th March 2005 walking 01h40 10km
Friday 18th March 2005 walking 02h20 6.3km ascent210m
Thursday 31st March 2005 walking 02h20 7.1km ascent 135
Friday 8th April 2005 walking 02h15 6.8km ascent155m, 3km/h
Friday 22nd April 2005 walking 02h30 6.5km = 4mi ascent8m
Wednesday 27th April 2005 walking 01h40 9km
Friday 29th April 2005 walking 03h15 8.3km
Wednesday 4th May 2005 walking 01h50 9.5km
Friday 6th May 2005 walking 03h00 9.76km ascent = 280m
Thursday 12th May 2005 walking 02h40 8.13km = 5.1mi, ascent200m
Thursday 26th May 2005 walking 02h00 6.07km
Wednesday 1st June 2005 walking 02h40 9.15km ascent230m
Friday 8th July 2005 walking 03h00 8.54km ascent200m
Sunday 10th July 2005 walking 01h00 4km
Thursday 21st July 2005 walking 02h48 9.3km, steps 14200, ascent290m
Wednesday 14th September 2005 walking 01h00 6km
Friday 16th September 2005 walking 02h30 8km, ascent410m
Thursday 22nd September 2005 walking 02h35 8.0km ascent260m
Thursday 6th October 2005 walking 02h00 6.1km ascent100m
Thursday 13th October 2005 walking 02h45 8.6km ascent260m
Sunday 23rd October 2005 walking 02h00 8km
Friday 4th November 2005 walking 4.4miles 7.1km ascent110m time 02h20
Wednesday 9th November 2005 walking 01h50 9.5km ascent 60 m
Wednesday 28th December 2005 walking 8.5km took 1h45, slow because
Saturday 31st December 2005 walking 01h00 4km
Saturday 31st December 2005 walking 3km 00h45
Saturday 31st December 2005 walking 4lm 01h00
Thursday 5th January 2006 walking 02h00 9.6km
Friday 6th January 2006 walking 7.8km = 4.9mi 02h20 ascent8m
Wednesday 11th January 2006 walking 9.13km 02h22 ascent133m
Thursday 12th January 2006 walking 02h00, 5.7km
Sunday 15th January 2006 walking 01h30 5.9km
Wednesday 18th January 2006 walking 9.5km 02h00
Friday 20th January 2006 walking 02h30 8.3kmŁ2 instead! Just as
Friday 3rd February 2006 walking 9.3km 02h40Ł16 each all in,
Friday 10th February 2006 walking 8.6km 02h45 ascent74m
Monday 13th February 2006 walking 02h00 4km
Friday 17th February 2006 walking 02h30 7.7km = 4.8mi
Wednesday 22nd February 2006 walking 01h45 9.6km
Monday 27th February 2006 walking 10km 02h00
Tuesday 28th February 2006:Didn't sleep, so spent the night in
Friday 3rd March 2006 walking 02h30 7.8km ascent210m
Friday 10th March 2006 walking 6.7km = 4.2mi 2h10 ascent180m
Tuesday 21st March 2006 walking 04h00 13km!
Thursday 30th March 2006 walking 02h30 7.2km = 4.5mi ascent340m
Thursday 13th April 2006 walking time 03h00 8.76km = 5.5mi
Friday 28th April 2006 walking 02h30 7.1km
Thursday 11th May 2006 walking 03h00 9.8km = 6.12miles ascent255m
Wednesday 19th July 2006 walking 01h55 9km = 6miles
Friday 11th August 2006 walking 01h30 6km
Tuesday 5th September 2006 walking 9km 01h45
Friday 8th September 2006 walking 9.6km = 6mi, 03h30, ascent
Friday 15th September 2006 walking 02h45 8.7km Joy steps 14600
Friday 22nd September 2006 walking 02h55 8.5km average moving speed
Thursday 28th September 2006 walking 9.6km 02h00 walking average speed
Friday 29th September 2006 walking 01h30 9.8km
Monday 2nd October 2006 walking 02h15 1050kcals 13km = 8.1mi
Friday 6th October 2006 walking 5.1km ascent140m time 02h20
Monday 9th October 2006:Walk 08h30 along the canal to Trent
Thursday 12th October 2006 walking 11.8km = 7.3mi 02h10 5.4km/h
Wednesday 18th October 2006 walking 17km 04h00
Thursday 19th October 2006 walking 03h00 11km
Tuesday 24th October 2006 walking 2km 00h40
Wednesday 25th October 2006 walking 6km 01h45
Thursday 9th November 2006 walking 03h00 8.5km ascent280m
Thursday 16th November 2006 walking 8km 03h00’d closed 7 months
Wednesday 29th November 2006 walking 02h40 9.1km ascent 6metres Joy
Thursday 7th December 2006 walking 7km 02h10, 11000 pacesby JoyŁ14
Thursday 21st December 2006 walking 02h00 7.1km = 4.4mi.
Thursday 28th December 2006 walking 6.4km 02h00 4.0mi
Sunday 31st December 2006 walking 01h00 4km
Sunday 31st December 2006 walking 3km 00h45
Sunday 31st December 2006 walking 4lm 01h00
Wednesday 3rd January 2007 walking 02h00 8.8km 12000steps
Monday 5th March 2007 walking 02h00 6km
Tuesday 6th March 2007 walking 01h30 6km
Thursday 8th March 2007:Drove 11h15 with Angus to Saalburg (old
Friday 9th March 2007 walking today 02h00 8km
Friday 16th March 2007 walking 7.5km in 02h10
Friday 30th March 2007 walking 02h30 7.6km = 4.5 mi
Sunday 1st April 2007 walking 02h05 8.5km (MM estimate 02h15)
Wednesday 4th April 2007 walking 02h30 11.5km ascent190m Then Jenny
Saturday 7th April 2007 walking 01h30 6km = 4miles
Tuesday 10th April 2007 walking 02h30 8km = 5mi ascent200m
Thursday 26th April 2007 walking 7.8km 02h40steps 11300.
Thursday 10th May 2007 walking 02h30 9.1km = 5.7mi ascent
Thursday 17th May 2007 walking 8.6km 02h30 ascent 170 paces12000
Thursday 31st May 2007 walking 8.8km = 5.5mi, 2h30
Thursday 7th June 2007 walking 02h30 10km = 6.25mi
Thursday 28th June 2007 walking at Shardlow 5km = 3mi
Friday 6th July 2007 walking 8.5km, 02h15, 12000steps
Wednesday 1st August 2007 walking 6km 01h40
Friday 17th August 2007 walking 01h55, 7km ascent120m
Monday 20th August 2007 walking 03h10 5.5km = 3.5mi, ascent300m
Friday 24th August 2007 walking 6.8km = ?? mi, 02h00
Friday 31st August 2007 walking 02h30 8.6km = 5.3mi ascent82m
Friday 7th September 2007:Played new accordion early, it's hard to
Saturday 15th September 2007 walking 03h00 10.5km = 6.6mi ascent168m.
Wednesday 19th September 2007 walking 01h45 10km
Thursday 27th September 2007 walking 01h30 3.7km
Sunday 30th September 2007 walking 01h20 6.4km 4miles
Thursday 4th October 2007 walking 02h30 9.3km ascent290m, down 230m
Friday 12th October 2007 walking 02h30 7.4km ascent270m 9000 paces
Wednesday 24th October 2007 walking 01h35 9.5kmŁ21million now.] Harry went
Friday 26th October 2007:Milkman called, paid Ł5 something’Total walking 02h30
Friday 2nd November 2007 walking 03h00 11.4km = 7.1miles 16000steps
Thursday 15th November 2007 walking 01h30 5.9km = 3.7mi
Thursday 22nd November 2007 walking 02h20 7.4km 10000steps
Tuesday 11th December 2007 walking 02h00 10km
Monday 31st December 2007 walking 01h00 4km
Monday 31st December 2007 walking 3km 00h45
Monday 31st December 2007 walking 4lm 01h00
Friday 11th January 2008 walking 02h15 8km 11500steps, 19 stiles,
Friday 25th January 2008 walking 02h45 6.3km ascent200m 9000steps 17
Monday 4th February 2008 walking 02h30 6.8km ascent215m.22000steps 12 stiles
Thursday 7th February 2008 walking 02h45 8.6km ascent160m 9000steps 20
Wednesday 13th February 2008 walking 01h45 9km
Thursday 28th February 2008 walking 02h30 8.5km ascent160m
Wednesday 5th March 2008 walking 01h40 8km 550kcals
Friday 14th March 2008 walking 03h10, 8.7km = 5.5miles, ascent325m,
Wednesday 19th March 2008 walking 02h30 7.7km = 4.8miles ascent140m
Monday 24th March 2008 walking 03h10 8.0km ascent270mtr lots of
Sunday 30th March 2008 walking 02h00 7.4km ascent50m
Monday 7th April 2008 walking 02h30 11.2km = 6.8mi
Thursday 10th April 2008 walking 02h30 8.8km ascent130m 8000 pacesonly
Thursday 17th April 2008 walking 01h00 2km 1.4mi
Saturday 3rd May 2008 walking 01h00 4km 2.5miles, 1 hour
Friday 9th May 2008 walking 7.65km = 48mi 02h45 220metres
Friday 16th May 2008 walking 03h15 10.3km 6.5mi 14000steps, 8
Monday 2nd June 2008:Girlies have a holiday, there´s some test
Friday 13th June 2008 walking 02h30 7.9lkm
Thursday 26th June 2008 walking 03h00 11km or so
Sunday 29th June 2008 walking 02h00 4km
Friday 4th July 2008 walking 7.5km but worth 10, 03h00
Friday 25th July 2008 walking 02h30 7.5km ascent250m 3 stiles
Friday 1st August 2008 walking 03h00 10.3km (over 11 according
Friday 8th August 2008 walking 9.7km = 6miles 04h00, ascent320m
Wednesday 13th August 2008 walking 02h30 6.5km 10000 paces
Friday 15th August 2008 walking 02h30 7.5km ascent 200 10000
Thursday 21st August 2008 walking 01h30 4km
Saturday 30th August 2008 walking 03h00 8.75km 10000 paces6 stiles
Wednesday 3rd September 2008 walking 7.7km 02h00Ł39. And delivered posters
Friday 12th September 2008 walking 03h00 9.33km ascent160m
Friday 19th September 2008 walking 03h30 10.7km = 6.7mi ascent125m
Friday 26th September 2008 walking 02h30, 8.3km, ascent15m, 13000steps, 9
Friday 3rd October 2008:Clear cold dayŁTotal walking 02h15 6.0km ascent130m
Friday 10th October 2008 walking 02h30 7.7km
Friday 17th October 2008 walking 02h00 5km
Friday 24th October 2008 walking 8.8km 02h30 ascent127m
Wednesday 29th October 2008 walking 01h40 8km
Friday 31st October 2008 walking 02h30 8.5km
Friday 7th November 2008 walking 02h30 6.8km
Friday 14th November 2008 walking 02h15 6.7km
Thursday 20th November 2008 walking 02h15 7.7km 6 stiles
Wednesday 10th December 2008 walking 01h30 7km
Friday 12th December 2008 walking 02h00 8km
Wednesday 17th December 2008 walking 02h05 7.5km ascent90m
Wednesday 31st December 2008 walking 01h00 4km
Wednesday 31st December 2008 walking 3km 00h45
Wednesday 31st December 2008 walking 4lm 01h00
Friday 2nd January 2009 walking 02h00 8km
Wednesday 7th January 2009 walking 02h00 5km = 3mi
Thursday 8th January 2009 walking 02h30 8.4km
Wednesday 14th January 2009 walking 02h00 9km
Friday 16th January 2009 walking 03h00 7km
Friday 30th January 2009 walking 02h00 5km
Monday 2nd February 2009 walking 01h30 6km
Friday 6th February 2009 walking 01h45 4.8km
Sunday 8th February 2009 walking 01h20 6.4km
Friday 27th February 2009 walking 02h00 6.4km
Wednesday 4th March 2009 walking 01h45 10km = 6.2mi
Thursday 5th March 2009 walking 02h45 9km
Friday 13th March 2009 walking 02h30 8.4km
Friday 20th March 2009 walking 02h30 7.8km.
Friday 3rd April 2009 walking 03h00 10.0km 13500steps ascent210m
Wednesday 8th April 2009 walking 02h20 7.6km
Wednesday 15th April 2009 walking 02h30 8.5km 13000steps
Friday 24th April 2009 walking 03h00 10.3km 15000steps
Thursday 14th May 2009 walking 01h45 9.5km
Wednesday 20th May 2009 walking 01h40 9.5km
Friday 29th May 2009 walking 02h20 7.5km
Friday 5th June 2009 walking 02h15 6.4km’s pie with goat's
Sunday 21st June 2009 walking 01h15 6km
Thursday 25th June 2009 walking 03h30 8km
Wednesday 8th July 2009 walking 02h00 9.5km .
Thursday 6th August 2009 walking 02h30 7.8km 3kph
Friday 21st August 2009 walking 02h35 6.8km
Friday 4th September 2009 walking 02h00 7.9km ascent230m
Thursday 17th September 2009:Walkies with JennyŁTotal walking 03h20 7.4km ascent350m.
Sunday 20th September 2009 walking 02h00 6.4km
Friday 25th September 2009 walking 02h10 6.2km 9500paces
Thursday 1st October 2009 walking 01h20 4km
Saturday 3rd October 2009 walking 01h00 3km
Wednesday 7th October 2009 walking 01h40 9.2km
Thursday 8th October 2009 walking 02h40 7.4km
Monday 12th October 2009 walking 02h00 8km
Wednesday 14th October 2009 walking 01h30 9km
Friday 16th October 2009 walking 02h30 8.1km
Friday 23rd October 2009 walking 02h30 7.5km
Wednesday 4th November 2009 walking 01h00 6km
Thursday 5th November 2009 walking 02h00 7km
Wednesday 25th November 2009 walking 01h45 9km
Friday 27th November 2009:Walkies with Jenny, she drove us to
Wednesday 9th December 2009 walking 7km 01h30
Friday 11th December 2009 walking 02h30 8km
Friday 18th December 2009 walking 02h00 8km
Sunday 20th December 2009 walking 02h00 12km.
Thursday 24th December 2009 walking 02h00 7km
Thursday 31st December 2009 walking 01h00 4km
Thursday 31st December 2009 walking 3km 00h45
Thursday 31st December 2009 walking 4lm 01h00
Sunday 3rd January 2010 walking 04h00 15.5km.
Tuesday 5th January 2010 walking 00h35 3km.
Wednesday 6th January 2010 walking 01h00 5km
Thursday 7th January 2010 walking 01h05 4km 7400steps.
Friday 8th January 2010 walking 02h00 6km
Sunday 10th January 2010 walking 5km 01h00
Sunday 17th January 2010 walking 00h35 3km.
Wednesday 3rd February 2010 walking 01h30 8km
Friday 5th February 2010 walking 01h00 6km
Sunday 7th February 2010 walking 00h35 3km
Tuesday 9th February 2010 walking 02h00 8km
Wednesday 10th February 2010 walking 01h15 7km
Thursday 11th February 2010 walking 02h00 3.9km
Friday 19th February 2010 walking 6.8km 01h30
Sunday 21st February 2010 walking 01h00 6.5km
Thursday 25th February 2010 walking 02h00 7km
Saturday 27th February 2010 walking 02h30 6.9km
Thursday 4th March 2010 walking 02h15 7.3km
Wednesday 10th March 2010 walking 01h30 8km
Thursday 11th March 2010:Found the bike had a puncture, so
Friday 12th March 2010 walking 02h00 7,1km
Friday 19th March 2010 walking 02h00 7km
Tuesday 23rd March 2010 walking 03h00 10km.
Wednesday 24th March 2010 walking 03h00 10km.
Thursday 25th March 2010 walking 03h00 10km.
Friday 26th March 2010 walking 03h00 10km.
Friday 2nd April 2010 walking 02h30 7.25km
Wednesday 7th April 2010 walking 01h05 4.4km
Thursday 8th April 2010 walking 01h00 2km
Wednesday 14th April 2010 walking 01h10 7.5km
Friday 16th April 2010 walking 02h00 4.8km
Friday 23rd April 2010 walking 02h00 6.5km
Monday 26th April 2010 walking 7km 01h45
Thursday 29th April 2010 walking 02h30 7.3km
Thursday 6th May 2010 walking 6.6km 02h15
Thursday 13th May 2010 walking 00h55 4.5km
Sunday 16th May 2010 walking 00h52 4.5km
Friday 28th May 2010 walking 6.9km 02h30 ascent146m
Friday 4th June 2010 walking 02h30 8.2km
Friday 11th June 2010:Milkman ŁTotal walking 02h45 7.5km
Friday 18th June 2010 walking 02h50 7.9km
Thursday 24th June 2010 walking 11.9km 03h30
Thursday 1st July 2010 walking 02h00 8km
Friday 9th July 2010 walking 03h45 9km
Wednesday 28th July 2010 walking 6.9km 02h30 10500steps
Friday 30th July 2010 walking 01h30 5km
Friday 13th August 2010 walking 5.2km 01h40
Monday 16th August 2010 walking 00h40 2km
Friday 20th August 2010 walking 02h45 7.5km ascent300m
Friday 3rd September 2010 walking 02h30 8km
Friday 10th September 2010 walking 02h00 3km
Friday 17th September 2010 walking 02h00 5.5km
Thursday 30th September 2010 walking 01h20 5km
Friday 15th October 2010 walking 8.5km 02h30 ascent270m
Friday 22nd October 2010 walking 03h00 9.0km ascent300m
Wednesday 27th October 2010 walking 03h00 9.15km ascent150m
Wednesday 3rd November 2010 walking 02h10 10km
Friday 5th November 2010 walking 02h00 4.5km
Friday 12th November 2010 walking 03h00 9.6km ascent200m
Wednesday 17th November 2010 walking 01h30 7.5km
Friday 26th November 2010 walking 02h20 7.2km
Sunday 28th November 2010 walking 01h20 6.5km
Wednesday 1st December 2010 walking 01h30 6.5km
Monday 20th December 2010 walking 00h45 5km
Tuesday 21st December 2010 walking 00h45 4km
Wednesday 22nd December 2010 walking 00h45 4km
Thursday 23rd December 2010 walking 01h00 5km
Monday 27th December 2010 walking 01h00 4km
Friday 31st December 2010 walking 01h00 4km
Friday 31st December 2010 walking 3km 00h45
Friday 31st December 2010 walking 4lm 01h00
Wednesday 12th January 2011 walking 02h00 9km
Friday 14th January 2011 walking 01h30 6km
Wednesday 19th January 2011 walking 01h40 7kmŁ375, it had a
Friday 21st January 2011 walking 02h00 7kmŁ350. Collect our spectacles
Thursday 27th January 2011 walking 01h50 5.5km
Saturday 29th January 2011 walking 01h45 4.6km
Friday 4th February 2011 walking 01h30 3km
Wednesday 16th February 2011 walking 01h15 6km
Thursday 24th February 2011 walking 02h15 6km
Sunday 27th February 2011 walking 01h00 4km.
Wednesday 2nd March 2011 walking 01h15 7km
Friday 4th March 2011 walking 02h45 5.4km ascent230m.
Friday 11th March 2011 walking 03h20 12.8km
Friday 25th March 2011 walking 01h30 5km
Friday 1st April 2011 walking 02h50 8.6km ascent130m
Sunday 3rd April 2011 walking 02h30 8km
Thursday 14th April 2011 walking 02h00 5km
Friday 15th April 2011 walking 01h30 4.8km
Sunday 17th April 2011 walking 01h20 6.4km
Thursday 21st April 2011 walking 02h30 8km ascent130m
Friday 29th April 2011 walking 03h15 9.4km
Friday 13th May 2011 walking 00h55 5km 420kcals
Saturday 14th May 2011 walking 01h00 5km 350kcals
Sunday 15th May 2011 walking 01h15 5km 575kcals
Monday 16th May 2011 walking 00h55 5km 480kcals
Wednesday 18th May 2011 walking 01h10 6km 560kcals.
Monday 23rd May 2011 walking 02h00 7.6km
Thursday 16th June 2011 walking 03h00 10km ascent500m
Friday 17th June 2011 walking 02h30 10km ascent500m
Tuesday 21st June 2011 walking 02h30 10km ascent200m
Friday 1st July 2011 walking 02h45 8km ascent250m.
Sunday 3rd July 2011 walking 02h10 5km ascent200m
Friday 8th July 2011 walking 01h30 5km
Friday 15th July 2011 walking 02h00 5.5km
Thursday 21st July 2011 walking 02h00 7.0km.
Friday 29th July 2011 walking 02h00 5.3km
Friday 5th August 2011 walking 2h15 6.78km.
Sunday 14th August 2011 walking 01h00 2km
Tuesday 16th August 2011 walking 01h30 4.5km
Thursday 18th August 2011 walking 02h00 6km
Tuesday 30th August 2011 walking 00h50 4km
Friday 2nd September 2011 walking 02h00 6km
Tuesday 6th September 2011 walking 01h30 7km
Thursday 15th September 2011:Walkies I hope to see the new
Friday 30th September 2011:Up earlyŁTotal walking 6.4km 02h15. Lunch at
Friday 7th October 2011 walking 02h00 8.4km ascent240m
Friday 21st October 2011 walking 02h00 6.6km
Saturday 22nd October 2011 walking 01h15 7km
Wednesday 26th October 2011 walking 01h15 5.5km
Friday 28th October 2011 walking 01h50 5.9km
Wednesday 2nd November 2011 walking 01h10 5km
Saturday 5th November 2011 walking 02h30 8km
Saturday 12th November 2011 walking 7km 02h00
Thursday 17th November 2011 walking 02h10 8km.
Wednesday 23rd November 2011 walking 01h30 8km
Friday 25th November 2011 walking 02h10 6.1km
Thursday 15th December 2011 walking 01H20 5km
Tuesday 20th December 2011 walking 02h00 6km
Saturday 31st December 2011 walking 01h00 4km
Saturday 31st December 2011 walking 3km 00h45
Saturday 31st December 2011 walking 4lm 01h00
Friday 13th January 2012 walking 02h20 6.4km
Saturday 14th January 2012 walking 01h30 6.5km
Tuesday 17th January 2012 walking 01h00 4km
Monday 23rd January 2012 walking 01h30 6km
Friday 27th January 2012 walking 02h00 7.2km ascent124m
Wednesday 1st February 2012 walking 01h30 6kmŁ450 on my VISA.
Friday 3rd February 2012 walking 02h00 6.9km
Saturday 4th February 2012 walking 01h00 3km.
Sunday 5th February 2012 walking 01h00 2km
Friday 10th February 2012 walking 02h00 12.5km including Light Night
Thursday 16th February 2012 walking 02h30 8.5km
Friday 24th February 2012 walking 7.5km 02h30
Friday 9th March 2012 walking 02h00 6km ascent130m
Friday 16th March 2012 walking 02h00 7km ascent200m
Friday 23rd March 2012 walking 02h30 7.1km ascent100m
Saturday 31st March 2012 walking 02h00 9km
Wednesday 18th April 2012 walking 01h20 6km
Tuesday 8th May 2012 walking 5km.
Tuesday 15th May 2012 walking 02h00 7.5km
Saturday 21st July 2012 walking 7.5km 02h30
Friday 27th July 2012 walking 8.5km 02h30 12500steps
Friday 3rd August 2012 walking 7.5km 02h15
Friday 10th August 2012 walking 02h00 6.8km
Friday 17th August 2012 walking 02h00 7.5km
Friday 24th August 2012 walking 02h30 7km
Friday 31st August 2012 walking 02h30 7.4km
Friday 7th September 2012 walking 7.3km 02h30 ascent128m
Friday 14th September 2012 walking 02h00 7.1km
Monday 17th September 2012 walking 03h00 7.5km
Friday 28th September 2012 walking 7.65km 03h00
Friday 12th October 2012 walking 01h45 6km
Friday 19th October 2012 walking 01h30 5km
Friday 26th October 2012 walking 5km, 01h00
Monday 5th November 2012 walking 01h30 5km
Tuesday 6th November 2012 walking 01h00 3km
Friday 9th November 2012 walking 01h00 4km
Tuesday 13th November 2012 walking 01h00 4.5km
Thursday 15th November 2012 walking 01h00 4km
Friday 16th November 2012 walking 01h45 5km
Tuesday 27th November 2012 walking 01h30 4km
Friday 7th December 2012 walking 01h30 4km
Wednesday 12th December 2012 walking 2km 00h45
Sunday 16th December 2012 walking 00h30 2km
Monday 31st December 2012 walking 01h00 4km
Monday 31st December 2012 walking 3km 00h45
Monday 31st December 2012 walking 4lm 01h00
Monday 11th February 2013 walking 1k, 00h40
Friday 15th February 2013 walking 4.3km 01h30
Saturday 16th February 2013 walking 4.3km 01h30
Sunday 17th February 2013 walking 01h30 3.6km
Sunday 24th February 2013 walking 01h00 2.8km
Monday 25th February 2013 walking 00h50 2.8km
Tuesday 26th February 2013 walking 2.8km 00h45
Wednesday 27th February 2013 walking 2.8km 00h45
Wednesday 13th March 2013 walking 01h00 2.5km
Sunday 31st March 2013 walking 01h15 2.8km
Monday 1st April 2013 walking 01h20 2.8km
Friday 5th April 2013 walking 2.9km 01h15.
Monday 17th June 2013 walking 1km 01h00
Tuesday 18th June 2013 walking 2.2km 00h45
Monday 24th June 2013 walking 2.9km 01h00
Wednesday 26th June 2013 walking 3.2km 01h10.
Friday 28th June 2013 walking 3.3km, 01h00
Saturday 29th June 2013 walking 3.5km 01h30
Wednesday 3rd July 2013 walking 4.9km 01h30
Friday 5th July 2013 walking 5.0km 01h15
Tuesday 9th July 2013 walking 5.3km 01h30
Friday 12th July 2013 walking 5.3km 01h30
Thursday 18th July 2013 walking 3km 01h30
Thursday 25th July 2013 walking 3.5km 01h10.
Tuesday 30th July 2013 walking 3.2km 00h50
Friday 2nd August 2013 walking 5.6km 01h45
Tuesday 6th August 2013:Biscuit firing ended, used 32kwhŁTotal walking 4.2km
Thursday 8th August 2013 walking 5.0km 01h20
Friday 9th August 2013 walking 01h40 5.1km
Sunday 11th August 2013 walking 4km 01h20
Tuesday 13th August 2013 walking 5.0km 01h20
Wednesday 14th August 2013 walking 4.5km 01h12
Tuesday 20th August 2013 walking 5km 01h20
Wednesday 21st August 2013 walking 2.0km 01h20
Sunday 25th August 2013 walking 01h05 4km
Friday 30th August 2013 walking 5.0km 01h15
Thursday 5th September 2013 walking 01h40 6.1km
Monday 9th September 2013 walking 5.5km, 01h15
Tuesday 10th September 2013 walking 4.7km 01h30
Wednesday 11th September 2013 walking 6.5km 01h30
Wednesday 18th September 2013 walking 4km 01h00
Friday 20th September 2013 walking 2km, 01h00
Friday 4th October 2013 walking 01h00 4km
Saturday 5th October 2013 walking 01h50 6.9km
Thursday 10th October 2013 walking 4.5km 01h10
Tuesday 15th October 2013 walking 02h00 7.5km
Friday 18th October 2013 walking 02h30 6.9km
Sunday 20th October 2013 walking 4km, 01h15
Thursday 24th October 2013 walking 02h00 8.2km
Sunday 27th October 2013 walking 01h00 3.5km
Tuesday 29th October 2013 walking 9.4km 02h05
Friday 8th November 2013 walking 6.9km 02h18
Wednesday 13th November 2013 walking 01h20 6km
Friday 15th November 2013 walking 6.9km 02h09 544kcals
Tuesday 19th November 2013 walking 01h20 6.4km.
Thursday 21th November 2013 walking 6km 01h30
Friday 22nd November 2013 walking 01h00 4.5km
Sunday 24th November 2013 walking 3km 9h00
Tuesday 26th November 2013:Glost firing ended 29kwh 3506 on the
Friday 29th November 2013 walking 02h00 5.0km
Sunday 8th December 2013 walking 3km 01h00 ascent120m
Wednesday 11th December 2013:Possible walkies and get Christmas tree at
Saturday 14th December 2013 walking 5.9km 02h30
Saturday 14th December 2013 walking 5.9km 02h35 ascent117m
Tuesday 17th December 2013 walking 4.8km 01h22.
Wednesday 18th December 2013 walking 4.5km 01h15
Tuesday 31st December 2013 walking 01h00 4km
Tuesday 31st December 2013 walking 3km 00h45
Tuesday 31st December 2013 walking 4lm 01h00
Thursday 2nd January 2014 walking 01h39 6km
Monday 6th January 2014 walking 4km 01h00
Tuesday 7th January 2014 walking 01h00 5km
Wednesday 8th January 2014 walking 6.6km 01h36
Friday 10th January 2014 walking 4.7km 01h30
Monday 20th January 2014 walking 01h35 6.6km 4.2kmh 456kcals
Thursday 23rd January 2014 walking 5.5km 01h25
Wednesday 29th January 2014 walking 3km 01h00
Friday 31st January 2014 walking 01h30 6km
Sunday 2nd February 2014 walking 02h00 6.7km
Friday 7th February 2014 walking 6.5km 01h36 458kcals
Thursday 13th February 2014 walking 5km 01h15
Sunday 16th February 2014:Chatted to 3 of BoP, they tried
Wednesday 19th February 2014 walking 01h45 6.8km
Friday 21st February 2014 walking 02h00 6.5km 511kcals
Friday 28th February 2014 walking 6.8km 02h00
Sunday 2nd March 2014 walking 5.5km 01h05
Monday 3rd March 2014 walking 00h45 3km
Saturday 8th March 2014 walking 4.5km 01h30
Tuesday 11th March 2014 walking 01h00 4km
Thursday 13th March 2014 walking 02h00 6.5km
Friday 14th March 2014 walking 5.9km 01h30
Friday 4th April 2014 walking 0.5km 0h45.
Saturday 5th April 2014 walking 2.0km 01h00
Sunday 6th April 2014 walking 01h15 2.7km
Monday 14th April 2014 walking 2km 01h00
Wednesday 16th April 2014 walking 3.5km 01h20
Monday 21st April 2014 walking 3.1km 00h46
Tuesday 13th May 2014 walking 4km 01h15
Tuesday 20th May 2014 walking 3km 01h00
Wednesday 21st May 2014 walking 3.5km 01h00
Thursday 22nd May 2014 walking 3.6km 00h55 189kcals
Friday 23rd May 2014 walking 5km 01h30
Tuesday 27th May 2014 walking 01h00 4km
Wednesday 28th May 2014 walking 3.5km 0h55
Thursday 29th May 2014 walking 4.9km 01h02 323kcals
Friday 30th May 2014 walking 01h50 4.8km 420kcal
Saturday 31st May 2014 walking 01h20 5.0km
Thursday 12th June 2014 walking 01h00 54.6km
Friday 20th June 2014 walking 6.3km 02h20
Sunday 29th June 2014 walking 4.8km 01h50
Tuesday 1st July 2014 walking 8km 02h00.
Thursday 7th August 2014 walking 5km 01h20
Wednesday 13th August 2014 walking 8km 03h00 550kcals
Wednesday 20th August 2014 walking 4km 01h00.
Friday 12th September 2014 walking 6.5km 02h30 ascent 215metres 950kcals
Friday 19th September 2014 walking 02h30 9km
Monday 29th September 2014 walking 4.6km 01h20
Friday 3rd October 2014 walking 4km 01h00
Sunday 12th October 2014 walking 6.9km 01h30
Wednesday 15th October 2014 walking 01h00 4km
Friday 17th October 2014 walking 5km 01h15
Monday 27th October 2014 walking 01h30 6.8km
Friday 31st October 2014 walking 6.4km 01h45
Thursday 6th November 2014 walking 7.9km 01h40
Thursday 13th November 2014 walking 4km 01h00
Monday 17th November 2014 walking 7.9km 01h50
Thursday 20th November 2014:Joy to acupunctureŁTotal walking 6.5km 01h25. Evening
Saturday 22nd November 2014 walking 7km 01h45
Monday 1st December 2014 walking 6.5km 02h00
Friday 5th December 2014 walking 8km, 02h00
Tuesday 9th December 2014 walking 8.3km 02h18
Saturday 13th December 2014 walking 8.3km 01h40
Sunday 14th December 2014 walking 7.1km 01h20
Wednesday 17th December 2014 walking 5.5km 01h20
Friday 19th December 2014 walking 7.5km 01h45
Tuesday 30th December 2014 walking ....
Wednesday 31st December 2014 walking 01h00 4km
Wednesday 31st December 2014 walking 3km 00h45
Wednesday 31st December 2014 walking 4lm 01h00
Sunday 4th January 2015 walking 9.6km 02h05 650kcals
Thursday 8th January 2015 walking 6.5km 02h12
Sunday 11th January 2015 walking 8.1km 01h40
Friday 16th January 2015 walking 7.4km 02h00
Sunday 18th January 2015 walking 9.6km 02h00
Friday 23rd January 2015 walking 8.2km 02h10
Thursday 29th January 2015 walking 4.3km 01h00
Friday 30th January 2015 walking 6.,4km 02h00’s Church Hall, Kirkby
Friday 6th February 2015 walking 4.6km 02h00
Sunday 8th February 2015 walking 7.6km 01h44
Monday 9th February 2015 walking 7.6km 01h47
Wednesday 18th February 2015 walking 7.7km 01h35
Friday 27th February 2015 walking 5.6km 02h50
Sunday 1st March 2015 walking 02h00 8.2km
Friday 6th March 2015 walking 6km 01h40
Tuesday 10th March 2015 walking 9.5km 01h55
Friday 13th March 2015 walking 01h30 5.3km
Tuesday 17th March 2015 walking 5km 01h15
Thursday 2nd April 2015 walking 7.8km 01h38.
Thursday 9th April 2015 walking 01h00 5.2km
Friday 24th April 2015 walking 5.6km 01h15
Monday 27th April 2015 walking 01h15 5km
Friday 1st May 2015 walking 5.4km 01h20
Thursday 7th May 2015 walking 4km 00h45
Friday 8th May 2015 walking 7.8km 01h55
Thursday 14th May 2015 walking 01h00 5.3km
Friday 15th May 2015 walking 6.5km 01h50
Thursday 21st May 2015 walking 01h28 6.8km 450kcal
Friday 22nd May 2015 walking 03h00 6km 700kcal
Friday 5th June 2015 walking 5.8km 02h20 2000kcals
Thursday 25th June 2015 walking 6km 01h12
Sunday 28th June 2015 walking 5km 01h00
Tuesday 14th July 2015 walking 02h15 10km
Saturday 18th July 2015 walking 4.4km 02h00 1200kcals
Friday 31st July 2015 walking 01h40 6.1km 1200kcals
Wednesday 5th August 2015 walking 02h00 13302kcals.9km.
Thursday 6th August 2015 walking 01h30 5.1km 940kcals
Friday 21st August 2015 walking 01h12 5.3km 1513kcals
Friday 28th August 2015 walking 5.8km 1940 02kcalsh00
Wednesday 2nd September 2015 walking 6.7km 01h30 1034kcals
Friday 4th September 2015 walking 4.2km 02h00 1050kcals
Thursday 10th September 2015 walking 5km 02h00
Friday 11th September 2015 walking 5km 01h30 1000kcals
Friday 25th September 2015 walking 5.4km 02h00 1250kcals
Sunday 27th September 2015 walking 4.5km 01h30
Friday 23rd October 2015 walking 2.5km 00k40
Thursday 12th November 2015 walking 5km 01h30
Thursday 19th November 2015 walking 6.7km 01h30 500kcals
Monday 23rd November 2015 walking 6.7km 01h30
Wednesday 25th November 2015 walking 6.7km 01h30
Saturday 28th November 2015 walking 5km 02h00
Saturday 5th December 2015 walking 6.1km 01h22
Friday 11th December 2015 walking 6km 01h30
Thursday 17th December 2015 walking 01h00 4km
Friday 18th December 2015:Power failure overnight, many clocks flashing, and
Sunday 20th December 2015 walking 4km 01h30
Wednesday 23rd December 2015 walking 7.2km 01h40.
Monday 28th December 2015 walking 9.5km 02h15 1600kcal
Thursday 31st December 2015 walking 4.2km 00h53
Thursday 31st December 2015 walking 01h00 4km
Thursday 31st December 2015 walking 3km 00h45
Thursday 31st December 2015 walking 4lm 01h00
Tuesday 5th January 2016 walking 6.8km 01h22 1500kcals
Friday 8th January 2016 walking 00h45 2.6km
Sunday 17th January 2016 walking 6km 01h30.
Monday 18th January 2016 walking 01h00 4km
Thursday 21st January 2016 walking 6.5km 01h15
Sunday 24th January 2016 walking 5km 01h20
Wednesday 27th January 2016 walking 6.6km 01h20
Friday 5th February 2016 walking 3.5km 01h30 700kcals
Thursday 18th February 2016 walking 8.3km 02h20 800kcals
Sunday 28th February 2016 walking 3.5km 01h00
Monday 29th February 2016 walking 4km 01h00
Saturday 5th March 2016 walking 01h20 6.75km 800kcals
Sunday 13th March 2016 walking 4km 01h00
Thursday 17th March 2016 walking 4.5km 01h05 700kcals
Friday 18th March 2016 walking 5.2km 101001kcalsh40
Sunday 20th March 2016 walking 6km 01h30
Tuesday 22nd March 2016 walking 01h30 6.8km
Saturday 9th April 2016 walking 6.9km 02h00
Friday 15th April 2016 walking 5.5km 01h00
Sunday 17th April 2016 walking 4km 01h00
Friday 22nd April 2016 walking 4.5km 02h00
Saturday 30th April 2016 walking 01h00 8km
Friday 6th May 2016 walking 02h00 6.7km
Friday 24th June 2016 walking 6.5km 02h05
Sunday 3rd July 2016 walking 7km 02h00
Thursday 7th July 2016 walking 5km 00h50 350kcals
Sunday 10th July 2016 walking 7km 02h00
Wednesday 27th July 2016 walking 4km 01h00Ł1500. Next door (35)
Wednesday 3rd August 2016:AquafitŁTotal walking 4km 01h00. I vandalised some
Friday 5th August 2016 walking 01h30 6km
Sunday 7th August 2016 walking 8km 02h00
Friday 2nd September 2016 walking 4km 01h00.
Friday 30th September 2016 walking 3.5km 01h00
Monday 3rd October 2016:Fourth anniversary of being declared terminally ill?
Thursday 13th October 2016 walking 9km 02h30
Wednesday 2nd November 2016 walking 4km 01h00Ł13.50.
Wednesday 16th November 2016 walking 4km 01h00
Saturday 19th November 2016 walking 5km 01h50 1450kcals
Wednesday 30th November 2016 walking 6.9km 120001kcalsh30.
Saturday 31st December 2016 walking 01h00 4.1km
Saturday 31st December 2016 walking 01h00 4km
Saturday 31st December 2016 walking 3km 00h45
Saturday 31st December 2016 walking 4lm 01h00
Saturday 7th January 2017 walking 10km 02h00
Wednesday 18th January 2017 walking 01h40 8km 800kcal
Sunday 22nd January 2017 walking 4km 01h00
Friday 3rd February 2017:Practised some songs for tomorrowŁ5 for 5
Sunday 5th February 2017 walking 4km 01h00
Friday 10th February 2017 walking 3km 01h00
Thursday 16th February 2017 walking 00h40 3.7km 270kcalsŁ700,000 to Ł1,000,000.
Sunday 19th February 2017 walking 01h00 5km
Sunday 26th February 2017 walking 01h00 5km
Thursday 9th March 2017 walking 8km 01h45
Monday 13th March 2017 walking 5km 01h15
Thursday 30th March 2017 walking 01h30 8km
Monday 10th April 2017 walking 01h40 8km
Thursday 13th April 2017 walking 6km 01h00
Sunday 23rd April 2017 walking 6km 01h15
Tuesday 25th April 2017:B&S man came to quote for the
Thursday 4th May 2017 walking 4.8km 00h50Ł10000 to eachkid. Then
Tuesday 9th May 2017 walking 01h20 7.6km
Thursday 18th May 2017 walking 4km 00h30
Wednesday 24th May 2017 walking 3km 00h40.
Thursday 25th May 2017 walking 8km 01h30
Friday 26th May 2017:Day at LinzýTotal walking 5km 01h00.
Saturday 27th May 2017 walking 8km 01h30
Sunday 28th May 2017 walking 6km 01h15.
Tuesday 30th May 2017 walking 3km 00h40.
Wednesday 31st May 2017 walking 2km 00h30.
Thursday 1st June 2017 walking 2.1km 00h30
Saturday 3rd June 2017 walking 5km 01h00
Tuesday 20th June 2017 walking 10km 02h00.
Saturday 1st July 2017 walking 3.3km 00h45
Saturday 26th August 2017 walking 3.2km 00h45.
Monday 28th August 2017 walking 4km 01h00
Sunday 24th September 2017 walking 3.5km 00h45
Friday 13th October 2017 walking 6km 01h00
Monday 20th November 2017 walking 6.4km 01h40 680kcals
Wednesday 29th November 2017 walking 4km 01h00
Friday 1st December 2017 walking 4km 01h00
Saturday 2nd December 2017 walking 6km 01h30
Monday 4th December 2017 walking 3km 01h00
Monday 18th December 2017 walking 4km 01h00
Thursday 28th December 2017 walking 8km 01h20
Sunday 31st December 2017 walking 01h00 4km
Sunday 31st December 2017 walking 3km 00h45
Sunday 31st December 2017 walking 4lm 01h00
Wednesday 3rd January 2018 walking 01h00 4km
Thursday 4th January 2018 walking 3km 00h45
Friday 5th January 2018 walking 4lm 01h00
Tuesday 7th January 2003 cycling 01h00 16km 750kcals
Saturday 11th January 2003 cycling 01h15 20km 612kcals
Monday 13th January 2003:Gloomy dayŁTotal cycling 01h15 16km 670kcals. The
Monday 20th January 2003 cycling 01h00 12km 650kcals
Wednesday 22nd January 2003:Glost firing ended 07h30, started 18h45 yesterday,
Wednesday 5th February 2003 cycling 00h50 10km 630kcals.
Wednesday 12th February 2003 cycling 01h00 12km
Thursday 13th February 2003:Registered with BTOnline, name e.foxley, password "trombone"ŁTotal
Wednesday 19th February 2003 cycling 00h45 12km
Friday 21st February 2003:Joy & Jenny to collect plants from
Tuesday 25th February 2003 cycling 01h30 20km 350kcals (appalling)
Wednesday 26th February 2003 cycling 01h00 16km.
Tuesday 4th March 2003 cycling 01h00 12km
Thursday 6th March 2003 cycling 01h30 16kmŁ200 in a shop.
Monday 10th March 2003 cycling 01h00 12km
Wednesday 12th March 2003 cycling 00h55 15km
Monday 17th March 2003 cycling 00h50 16km
Wednesday 19th March 2003 cycling 01h25 20km
Sunday 23rd March 2003 cycling 00h30 7km
Thursday 27th March 2003 cycling 02h15 16km, great! Bisakha embroidered
Tuesday 22nd April 2003 cycling 01h20 305kmŁ14 for 2 offer
Wednesday 23rd April 2003 cycling 02h00 30km
Thursday 24th April 2003 cycling 00h30 7km
Monday 28th April 2003 cycling 00h30 8kmŁ22.Lazy afternoon. Pick up
Wednesday 30th April 2003:Ann W's birthdayŁTotal cycling 01h30 16km. Aquarobics
Monday 5th May 2003 cycling 02h00 30km
Wednesday 7th May 2003:1962|Angus FoxleyŁTotal cycling 01h10 16km. Russ came
Friday 9th May 2003 cycling 01h10 16km
Monday 12th May 2003 cycling 01h00 16km
Wednesday 21st May 2003 cycling 01h15 16km
Friday 23rd May 2003 cycling 00h45 12kmŁ200 to "redeem" our
Thursday 29th May 2003 cycling 01h00 10kmé Rouge. Evening Caitlin
Monday 9th June 2003 cycling 01h00 12km
Thursday 12th June 2003 cycling 01h00 10km
Friday 20th June 2003 cycling 01h00 10km
Sunday 22nd June 2003 cycling 04h00 40km 1750kcals, perhaps 24mi
Monday 7th July 2003 cycling 01h20 16km 790kcals
Monday 14th July 2003 cycling 03h30 44km 2500kcals ascent830m
Tuesday 15th July 2003 cycling 00h30 8km 250kcals
Thursday 11th September 2003 cycling 01h15 20km 510kcals
Monday 15th September 2003:Cheque from Andy & Vicki for ŁTotal
Tuesday 16th September 2003 cycling 01h35 25km 930kcals
Wednesday 17th September 2003:Cycle round Attenborough and cheques (Ł200 Vicki+Andi,
Monday 6th October 2003 cycling 00h50 12km 450kcals
Tuesday 7th October 2003 cycling 01h00 16km 560kcals
Wednesday 8th October 2003 cycling 00h30 7km 740kcals
Friday 10th October 2003 cycling 00h50 8km 700kcals
Thursday 16th October 2003 cycling 01h05 16km 660kcals, not bad
Tuesday 21st October 2003 cycling 00h50 14km 560kcals
Thursday 23rd October 2003 cycling 01h25 20km 870kcals
Sunday 26th October 2003 cycling 00h30 7km
Monday 27th October 2003 cycling 01h00 14km 750kcals
Monday 3rd November 2003 cycling 01h00 12km 500kcals
Tuesday 4th November 2003:Thick fog earlyŁ4.50, Halifax cheque in for
Thursday 6th November 2003:I went with Joy to QMC for
Thursday 20th November 2003 cycling 01h15 20km 810kcals
Wednesday 26th November 2003 cycling 01h01 16km 690kcals.
Sunday 7th December 2003 cycling 01h15 16km 810kcals
Friday 12th December 2003 cycling 01h00 10km 340kcals
Sunday 14th December 2003 cycling 01h15 16km 1300kcals
Wednesday 17th December 2003 cycling 01h35 22km 1000kcalsŁ140. All back
Sunday 28th December 2003 cycling 00h40 7km 811kcals
Monday 29th December 2003 cycling 01h30 20km 980kcals
Tuesday 30th December 2003 cycling 01h15 16km 920kcals
Monday 5th January 2004 cycling 01h15 14km 750kcals
Wednesday 7th January 2004:Joy with Lucy jewellery to Langley Mill
Wednesday 14th January 2004 cycling 00h45 15km 790kcals
Thursday 15th January 2004 cycling 01h25 16km 790kcals.
Tuesday 20th January 2004 cycling 01h20 12=6km 780kcals
Friday 23rd January 2004:Biscuit firing ended used 30kwhŁTotal cycling 01h05
Sunday 25th January 2004 cycling 00h45 7km 970kcals
Tuesday 3rd February 2004 cycling 01h35 16km 1100kcals
Sunday 8th February 2004 cycling 00h40 7km 600kcals
Sunday 15th February 2004 cycling 00h45 7km 410kcals
Thursday 19th February 2004 cycling 01h15 16km 810kcals
Friday 20th February 2004 cycling 01h05 16kmŁ500 between the two.
Tuesday 24th February 2004:Joy at a school in Arnold, depart
Wednesday 25th February 2004:Joy & Babli at a school in
Monday 15th March 2004:University women's walkŁ200 from Vicky, ŁTotal cycling
Wednesday 17th March 2004 cycling 01h15 20km 920kcals
Tuesday 23rd March 2004 cycling 01h00 14km 922kcals
Thursday 25th March 2004 cycling 01h15 20km 780kcals tot tot
Wednesday 31st March 2004 cycling 01h00 15km 500kcals
Wednesday 7th April 2004 cycling 01h15 24km 800kcals
Tuesday 13th April 2004 cycling 01h00 14km 600kcals
Wednesday 14th April 2004 cycling 01h00 26km 1200kcals 23.7km, ascent80m
Tuesday 20th April 2004 cycling 01h15 20km 725kcalsŁ19 including 50%
Thursday 22nd April 2004:Photos round the gardenŁTotal cycling 01h15 15km
Monday 3rd May 2004 cycling 01h05 20km 660kcals
Wednesday 5th May 2004 cycling 01h15 16km 890kcals
Wednesday 12th May 2004 cycling 01h10 13km 750kcals
Thursday 13th May 2004 cycling 01h15 13km 600kcals
Wednesday 19th May 2004 cycling 01h10 14km 700kcals
Tuesday 25th May 2004 cycling 00h40 8km500kcals
Wednesday 26th May 2004 cycling 01h05 12km 500kcals
Tuesday 1st June 2004 cycling 01h15 16km 850kcals
Tuesday 8th June 2004 cycling 01h30 20km
Friday 11th June 2004 cycling 01h30 20km
Tuesday 15th June 2004 cycling 01h30 17km 920kcals
Thursday 17th June 2004 cycling 02h30 20km 650kcals
Friday 18th June 2004 cycling 01h30 16km 380kcals, 9mi
Monday 5th July 2004 cycling 00h10 16km 885kcals
Friday 9th July 2004 cycling 01h20 20km 840kcals
Tuesday 13th July 2004 cycling 00h55 14km
Sunday 18th July 2004 cycling 00h30 7km 400kcals
Monday 19th July 2004 cycling 02h00 28km 2500kcals
Wednesday 21st July 2004 cycling 01h20 16km 870kcals.
Tuesday 27th July 2004 cycling 01h15 16km
Monday 2nd August 2004 cycling 01h10 16km 820kcals
Sunday 15th August 2004 cycling 00h40 7km’s practice has a
Tuesday 17th August 2004 cycling 01h10 16km 820kcals
Wednesday 18th August 2004 cycling 01h10 16km 750kcals
Thursday 26th August 2004:We both cycled to Beeston; Joy’s passport
Wednesday 1st September 2004:Threw a bag of 1119 Mow Cop
Friday 3rd September 2004:Caitlin starts new school, Emmanuel; she will
Monday 6th September 2004 cycling 01h15 16km 750kcals’s. Lazy afternoon
Wednesday 8th September 2004 cycling 00h50 12km 550kcalsé afterwards. Finished
Thursday 14th October 2004:09h30 Bisakha arrived at 09h30 and left
Monday 18th October 2004:Joy & Babli 08h10 to Bramcote Primary
Tuesday 26th October 2004 cycling 01h30 21km 1100kcals’s GPS, sleep
Monday 1st November 2004 cycling 01h20 18km 890kcals ascent60mŁ200.28 from
Wednesday 3rd November 2004 cycling 01h00 14km 700kcals’t they work
Tuesday 9th November 2004 cycling 01h20 20km 700kcals“stogeys” s arrived
Friday 12th November 2004 cycling 01h25 16km 1050kcals
Sunday 14th November 2004:First white frost of the winter, later
Tuesday 16th November 2004 cycling 01h20 18km 780kcals 13kmh’s school
Sunday 21st November 2004 cycling 00h40 7km’s birthday meal at
Tuesday 23rd November 2004:Cycle to Midland Station to collect Joy’Total
Thursday 25th November 2004:Bike ride round Attenborough, took photos of
Monday 3rd January 2005:Joan+Gerry left 10h30Ł19.99, it was almost as
Wednesday 5th January 2005:Cycle to Spring Farm, very hard work
Sunday 9th January 2005 cycling 00h40 7km
Wednesday 12th January 2005 cycling 01h25 14km 700kcals– Martin Burgess
Monday 17th January 2005 cycling 01h15 16km 750kcals
Wednesday 19th January 2005 cycling 00h30 10km 350kcalsŁ1.
Sunday 23rd January 2005 cycling 00h45 7km, hard work.
Monday 7th February 2005:Bike ride to Beeston Lock, called at
Tuesday 8th February 2005 cycling 01h00 14km 330kcals
Wednesday 9th February 2005 cycling 01h30 16km 800kcals
Tuesday 15th February 2005 cycling 01h15 16km 715kcals
Monday 28th February 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 851kcals
Monday 7th March 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 700kcals
Tuesday 8th March 2005 cycling 01h10 20km 700kcals
Monday 14th March 2005:Bike ride 09h00Ł5+2. To OOTW for conditioner,
Saturday 19th March 2005 cycling 01h00 18km 750kcals
Sunday 20th March 2005 cycling 00h40 7km
Friday 1st April 2005 cycling 01h00 14km
Tuesday 5th April 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 600kcals
Monday 11th April 2005 cycling 01h10, 16km 700kcals
Tuesday 12th April 2005 cycling 01h20 20km 800kcalsŁ700, actually Ł270.
Thursday 21st April 2005 cycling 01h05 16km 650kcals
Monday 25th April 2005 cycling 01h25 20km 850kcals
Monday 9th May 2005:Cycle round AttenboroughŁ2000 from Barclays and ŁTotal
Wednesday 11th May 2005 cycling 01h30 20km 850kcals
Wednesday 18th May 2005 cycling 01h20 20km 760kcals
Wednesday 25th May 2005:Showers earlyŁTotal cycling 01h30 16km 800kcals .
Monday 6th June 2005:Cycled with Joy early (11h00) to Beeston’s
Wednesday 8th June 2005 cycling 01h20 20km 750kcals
Saturday 18th June 2005 cycling 01h00 12km 540kcals
Monday 27th June 2005 cycling 01h00 12km 620kcals
Tuesday 28th June 2005 cycling 02h00 20km 650kcals
Saturday 2nd July 2005 cycling 02h00 16km
Sunday 3rd July 2005 cycling 00h40 8km
Tuesday 5th July 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 800kcals
Monday 11th July 2005 cycling 01h30 18km 955kcals
Wednesday 13th July 2005 cycling 01h20 20km 710kcals
Monday 18th July 2005 cycling only 01h05 16km 600kcals Ł200
Wednesday 20th July 2005 cycling 01h00 16km 550kcals
Friday 12th August 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 750kcals
Tuesday 23rd August 2005 cycling 01h10 20kmkcals (inc mowing) 1100
Thursday 25th August 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 750kcals
Monday 29th August 2005 cycling 01h25 20km 815kcals
Wednesday 31st August 2005 cycling 03h00 40km 1750 38kcalskm
Monday 5th September 2005 cycling 01h20 20km 842kcals
Wednesday 7th September 2005 cycling 01h20 12km 700kcals
Thursday 8th September 2005 cycling 00h40 10km
Monday 12th September 2005 cycling 01h10 12km 630kcals
Tuesday 13th September 2005 cycling 01h05 16km 500kcals
Sunday 18th September 2005 cycling 00h30 7km
Monday 19th September 2005 cycling 01h00 16km 650kcals
Tuesday 20th September 2005 cycling 01h05 10km 650kcals again.
Saturday 24th September 2005 cycling 01h00 12km 550kcals
Sunday 25th September 2005 cycling 00h30 7km
Monday 3rd October 2005:Woke 07h30, good, must be last night's
Tuesday 11th October 2005 cycling 00h25 6km.
Monday 17th October 2005 cycling 01h05 16km 700kcals
Wednesday 19th October 2005 cycling 01h10 12km 750kcals
Monday 31st October 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 770kcals
Tuesday 1st November 2005 cycling 01h00 8km 600kcals
Monday 7th November 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 800kcals
Tuesday 15th November 2005 cycling 01h20 16km 720kcals
Wednesday 16th November 2005 cycling 00h55 12km 450kcals , grot
Thursday 17th November 2005 cycling 01h10 16km 740kcals
Tuesday 22nd November 2005 cycling 01h05 16km 660kcalsŁ3.50 OPA new
Wednesday 23rd November 2005 cycling 01h00 16km
Friday 25th November 2005 cycling 00h30 8km 350kcals
Monday 28th November 2005 cycling 01h20 20km 850kcals
Wednesday 14th December 2005 cycling 01h05 16km 625kcals
Thursday 15th December 2005 cycling 01h10 14km 910kcals
Wednesday 21st December 2005:Up early, I think I have caught
Wednesday 4th January 2006 cycling 01h30 14km 800kcalsŁ22 for a
Monday 16th January 2006 cycling 01h10 12km
Monday 23rd January 2006 cycling 01h00 10km 700kcals
Wednesday 25th January 2006 cycling 01h05 16km 690kcals
Monday 30th January 2006:Biscuit firing ended’Total cycling 01h15 16km 700kcals
Wednesday 1st February 2006 cycling 01h30 20km 700kcals
Monday 6th February 2006 cycling 01h20 20km 960kcals
Wednesday 8th February 2006 cycling 01h20 16kmkcals estimate 800
Wednesday 15th February 2006 cycling 01h20 16km
Monday 20th February 2006 cycling 01h15 16km (fast, good) 830kcals
Monday 6th March 2006 cycling 01h10 (good), 20km? 850kcals
Monday 13th March 2006 cycling 01h15 16km 740kcals.
Monday 3rd April 2006 cycling 01h35 20km 870kcals
Wednesday 5th April 2006 cycling 01h40 16km 770kcals
Monday 10th April 2006:Cycle 08h30 round HP, very cold head
Wednesday 12th April 2006 cycling 02h55 37km 1820kcals
Tuesday 18th April 2006 cycling 01h15 16kmkcals l790
Tuesday 25th April 2006 cycling 01h05 16km 640kcalsés at Memsahib
Wednesday 26th April 2006 cycling 01h30 25km 990kcals
Saturday 29th April 2006 cycling 01h20 20km 775kcals
Sunday 30th April 2006 cycling 00h30 7km
Wednesday 3rd May 2006 cycling 01h00 16km 500kcals
Thursday 4th May 2006 cycling 01h15 16km 720kcals
Tuesday 9th May 2006 cycling 01h20 18km 780kcals
Wednesday 10th May 2006 cycling 01h00 16km 600kcals
Thursday 18th May 2006 cycling 01h10 16km 450kcals
Friday 19th May 2006 cycling 01h10 16km 650kcals
Tuesday 23rd May 2006 cycling 01h30 16km 850kcals
Thursday 25th May 2006 cycling 02h30 40km 1600kcals
Saturday 27th May 2006 cycling 01h10 16km 770kcals
Sunday 28th May 2006 cycling 01h10 14km 600kcals
Monday 29th May 2006 cycling 01h15 16km 650kcals
Wednesday 31st May 2006 cycling 01h20 16km 650kcals
Tuesday 4th July 2006:Up 07h15ŁTotal cycling 01h10 10km 690kcal.
Wednesday 5th July 2006 cycling 01h10 20km 470kcals
Thursday 6th July 2006 cycling 01h10 14km 500kcals
Sunday 9th July 2006 cycling 00h30 7km
Tuesday 11th July 2006:Helen+Steve to Kimmeridge to await the Pickford’Total
Wednesday 12th July 2006 cycling 01h05 16km 480kcals
Tuesday 18th July 2006 cycling 01h10 20km 750kcals
Friday 21st July 2006 cycling 01h20 20km 750kcals
Monday 24th July 2006 cycling 01h25 25km 800kcalsŁ3.50. About 45
Tuesday 25th July 2006 cycling 01h15 20km 820kcals
Thursday 27th July 2006 cycling 02h40 30km
Friday 28th July 2006 cycling 03h00 45km 1900kcals ascent800m
Sunday 6th August 2006 cycling 01h05 20km 700kcals
Monday 7th August 2006 cycling 02h30 40km 1550kcals
Wednesday 9th August 2006:All Frankfurters to BBC2's for the dayŁTotal
Friday 25th August 2006 cycling 02h30 40km 1900kcals
Wednesday 30th August 2006 cycling 01h00 20km 630kcals
Friday 1st September 2006 cycling 16km 01h05 600kcals
Monday 4th September 2006 cycling 14km 01h00 600kcals
Wednesday 6th September 2006 cycling 16km 01h05 500kcals
Monday 11th September 2006 cycling 02h30 40km 1600kcals.
Wednesday 13th September 2006 cycling 01h20 20km 630kcals
Thursday 14th September 2006 cycling 02h15 40km (record, I think)
Monday 18th September 2006 cycling 02h20 40km 1450 39kcalskm
Thursday 21st September 2006 cycling 02h15 28km, max speed 34km/h??
Tuesday 26th September 2006 cycling 02h30 40km 1300kcals 39km ish
Wednesday 4th October 2006 cycling 16km 01h10 600kcals
Monday 16th October 2006 cycling 20km 01h30
Thursday 19th October 2006 walking 03h00 11km
Wednesday 15th November 2006 cycling 25km 01h35 930kcals’t cooked it
Tuesday 28th November 2006 cycling 16km 01h05 750kcals
Wednesday 29th November 2006 cycling 20km 01h20, appalling, 800kcals
Tuesday 5th December 2006 cycling 16km 01h00 650kcals.
Wednesday 6th December 2006 cycling 16km 01h00 720kcals
Tuesday 12th December 2006 cycling 16km 01h15 620kcals
Saturday 16th December 2006 cycling 20km 01h15 820kcals
Monday 18th December 2006 cycling 30km 01h55 1080kcals
Sunday 24th December 2006 cycling 16km 01h15 600kcals
Tuesday 2nd January 2007 cycling 16km 01h15 600kcals
Wednesday 10th January 2007 cycling 01h10 16km 630kcals
Thursday 1st March 2007:Chat to Steve 07h30Ł200 out from Beeston
Monday 26th March 2007 cycling 02h30 1500kcals 39km
Wednesday 28th March 2007 cycling 01h15 20km 780kcals
Friday 6th April 2007 cycling 01h30 22km 730kcals
Sunday 15th April 2007 cycling 01h30 14km
Monday 16th April 2007 cycling 01h00 8km
Tuesday 17th April 2007 cycling 02h40 1690kcalskm 42
Tuesday 24th April 2007 cycling 01h45 20km 850kcals.
Wednesday 25th April 2007 cycling 01h30 20km 750kcals
Saturday 28th April 2007:Steve left at 07h00 for 07h30 trainŁTotal
Thursday 3rd May 2007 cycling 02h20 40km 1500kcals + 15
Friday 4th May 2007 cycling 01h00 8km 400kcals.
Tuesday 8th May 2007 cycling 01h15 15km 850kcals
Wednesday 16th May 2007 cycling 01h05 16km 680kcals
Sunday 20th May 2007 cycling for the day 01h20 22km
Wednesday 23rd May 2007 cycling 01h20 20km 750kcals
Tuesday 29th May 2007 cycling 02h30 30km 1000kcals
Thursday 31st May 2007 cycling 01h00 10km 450kcals
Wednesday 6th June 2007 cycling 02h15 40km 1270kcals
Wednesday 13th June 2007:Cycle 08h30 round Attenborough, called in at
Tuesday 19th June 2007:Depart 07h45 in the VW with the
Wednesday 20th June 2007 cycling 01h45 27km 850kcals
Sunday 24th June 2007 cycling 03h15 including stops, 960 39kcalskm
Tuesday 26th June 2007 cycling 01h30 24km 760kcals
Tuesday 3rd July 2007 cycling 02h00 30km 1050kcals
Wednesday 11th July 2007 cycling 03h00 43km 1540kcals
Tuesday 17th July 2007 cycling for the day 01h50 27km,
Thursday 19th July 2007 cycling 01h00 8km 480kcals
Friday 20th July 2007:"Dinan Stores" ("store" = "blind") arrived 09h00
Sunday 22nd July 2007 cycling 00h45 8km 200kcals
Monday 23rd July 2007 cycling 00h35 8km 250kcals , getting
Sunday 12th August 2007 cycling 01h10 16km 600kcals
Thursday 23rd August 2007 cycling 01h35 18km 930kcals
Thursday 30th August 2007 cycling 02h30 1200kcals 30km
Sunday 2nd September 2007 cycling 01h30 25km 840kcals
Tuesday 4th September 2007:09h00 Cycle Trowell Moor, Erewash Canal, Trent
Tuesday 11th September 2007 cycling 02h45 40km 1410kcals
Friday 14th September 2007 cycling 03h30 31km ascent250m 1500kcals
Thursday 20th September 2007:Rain overnight’Total cycling 01h10 17km. Lazy day
Saturday 22nd September 2007 cycling 02h00 20km 1050kcals
Tuesday 25th September 2007 cycling 01h10 20km 620kcals
Wednesday 26th September 2007 cycling 01h05 16km 520kcals
Friday 5th October 2007 cycling 02h30 40km 1520kcals
Monday 15th October 2007 cycling 01h00 16km 570kcals
Tuesday 16th October 2007 cycling 01h00 16km 560kcals
Wednesday 17th October 2007 cycling 01h15 17km 619kcals
Thursday 18th October 2007 cycling 02h00 26km 930kcals.
Friday 19th October 2007 cycling 00h31 10km 320kcalsŁ800, but on
Thursday 25th October 2007 cycling 01h20 18km 720kcal
Wednesday 31st October 2007 cycling 01h40 20km 850kcals
Monday 12th November 2007 cycling 02h00 20km 1060kcals
Saturday 24th November 2007 cycling 01h50 20km 800kcals
Monday 26th November 2007 cycling 01h25 20km 850kcals
Monday 3rd December 2007 cycling 01h40 750 30kcalskm
Tuesday 1st January 2008 cycling 01h40, 21km, ascent130m, 875kcals
Wednesday 16th January 2008 cycling 01h30 19km 900kcals
Saturday 19th January 2008 cycling 01h20 18km 800kcals
Wednesday 23rd January 2008 cycling 01h10 18km 660kcals
Monday 28th January 2008 cycling 02h30 42km 1520kcals , fabulous
Wednesday 6th February 2008 cycling 01h00 10km 500kcals
Sunday 24th February 2008 cycling 01h10 18km
Wednesday 27th February 2008 cycling 01h30 30km 760kcals
Monday 3rd March 2008 cycling 20km 01h40 1000kcals
Sunday 9th March 2008 cycling 01h00 16km
Thursday 13th March 2008 cycling 01h40 26km 800kcals
Friday 21st March 2008 cycling 01h10 16km 700kcals
Wednesday 26th March 2008 cycling 01h05 18km 650kcals .
Thursday 27th March 2008 cycling 03h00 43km 1500kcals
Tuesday 1st April 2008 cycling 01h30 16km 790kcals
Thursday 3rd April 2008 cycling 01h20 23km 780kcals
Wednesday 9th April 2008 cycling 01h20 20km 720kcals
Friday 18th April 2008 cycling 01h00 16km 570kcals
Tuesday 22nd April 2008 cycling 01h20 20km 700kcals
Sunday 4th May 2008 cycling 29km 01h50 950kcals
Wednesday 7th May 2008 cycling 01h45 30km 900kcals
Sunday 11th May 2008 cycling 01h35 25km 700kcals
Wednesday 14th May 2008 cycling 01h30 21km 700kcals
Tuesday 20th May 2008:Russ & Lyndi brought Nick & Maia
Saturday 24th May 2008 cycling 03h00 39.2km 1835kcals
Monday 2nd June 2008:Girlies have a holiday, there´s some test
Sunday 8th June 2008 cycling 01h35 25km 650kcals
Wednesday 11th June 2008:Cycled along the canal to the Meadows,
Thursday 19th June 2008 cycling 16km 01h15
Saturday 21st June 2008 cycling 01h30 27km, 18.3kph
Tuesday 24th June 2008 cycling 13km 01h30
Saturday 28th June 2008 cycling 01h30 12km
Tuesday 1st July 2008 cycling 23km 01h40
Thursday 3rd July 2008 cycling 02h00 13km
Saturday 5th July 2008 cycling 02h30 18km
Monday 21st July 2008 cycling 03h00 1500 39kcalskm
Thursday 24th July 2008 cycling 18km 01h20 650kcals
Sunday 27th July 2008 cycling 01h10 20km
Tuesday 29th July 2008 cycling 01h30 30km 830kcals
Wednesday 6th August 2008 cycling 02h20 42km 1450kcals
Thursday 14th August 2008 cycling 02h45 45km 1600kcals
Wednesday 20th August 2008 cycling 01h30 27km, 1300kcals
Thursday 28th August 2008 cycling 38km 02h20 1400kcals
Tuesday 2nd September 2008 cycling 01h00 14km
Tuesday 16th September 2008 cycling 40km 02h20 1350kcals
Tuesday 23rd September 2008 cycling 02h30 40km megakcals
Thursday 25th September 2008 cycling 00h20 3km
Thursday 2nd October 2008 cycling 02h30 40km 1700kcals
Monday 6th October 2008 cycling 02h45 39km 1870kcals
Thursday 9th October 2008 cycling 01h00 16km
Monday 20th October 2008 cycling 40km 02h35 1650kcals
Tuesday 11th November 2008 cycling 18km 01h30 800kcals
Tuesday 18th November 2008 cycling 03h30 44km 1930kcals
Monday 8th December 2008 cycling 01h15 24km 650kcals
Tuesday 16th December 2008:Cycle ride to Beeston (barber ŁTotal cycling
Tuesday 30th December 2008 cycling 01h40 24.5km 1400kcals
Sunday 11th January 2009 cycling 00h30 7km 400kcals
Thursday 22nd January 2009 cycling 01h20 16km 870kcals
Monday 26th January 2009 cycling 03h00 40km 1800kcals
Wednesday 25th February 2009 cycling 01h15 20km 700kcals
Tuesday 17th March 2009 cycling 03h00 40km 1900kcals
Monday 30th March 2009 cycling 02h45 40km 2000kcals
Tuesday 7th April 2009 cycling 01h30 21km 879kcals
Tuesday 14th April 2009 cycling 03h00 41km 1920kcals
Wednesday 22nd April 2009 cycling 01h40 20km 860kcals
Saturday 2nd May 2009:Bike ride 10amŁTotal cycling 01h45 24km 100kcals.
Thursday 28rd May 2009 cycling 02h35 40km 1600kcals
Tuesday 2nd June 2009:Glost firing ended’Total cycling 02h00 24km 1050kcals.
Wednesday 10th June 2009 cycling 00h30 10km
Friday 12th June 2009 cycling 01h00 13.5km
Saturday 13th June 2009 cycling 02h00 17km
Sunday 14th June 2009 cycling 01h00 10km
Tuesday 16th June 2009 cycling 01h30 20km
Saturday 20th June 2009 cycling 00h30 10km
Sunday 28th June 2009 cycling 02h00 19km
Tuesday 30th June 2009 cycling 02h00 27km
Wednesday 1st July 2009 cycling 01h00 13.5km
Friday 10th July 2009 cycling 02h45 38km 1700kcals.
Sunday 12th July 2009 cycling 00h30 7km.
Thursday 16th July 2009 cycling 02h45 40km 1700kcals
Monday 20th July 2009 cycling 01h30 21km 950kcal.
Tuesday 28th July 2009 cycling 24km 01h40 900kcal
Sunday 2nd August 2009 cycling 03h00 26km
Saturday 8th August 2009 cycling 02h25 40km 1750kcals
Wednesday 12th August 2009 cycling 02h00 29km 1044kcal
Tuesday 18th August 2009 cycling 02h50 40km 1820kcal
Tuesday 25th August 2009 cycling 02h25 40km 1520kcals
Monday 7th September 2009 cycling 02h45 44km 1860kcal
Wednesday 16th September 2009 cycling 01h40 22km 900kcals
Tuesday 22nd September 2009 cycling 02h55 40km 1850kcals
Tuesday 29th September 2009 cycling 02h30 40km 1540kcals
Sunday 18th October 2009 cycling 00h30 7km
Monday 19th October 2009 cycling 02h30 40km 1650kcals
Wednesday 21st October 2009 cycling 01h30 23km
Wednesday 28th October 2009 cycling 01h30 20km 850kcals
Monday 2nd November 2009 cycling 03h05 45km 2000kcals
Monday 9th November 2009 cycling 03h00 40km 2050kcals
Tuesday 17th November 2009 cycling 03h20 43km 2150kcals
Monday 30th November 2009 cycling 01h45 25km 1050kcals
Thursday 10th December 2009 cycling 03h00 35km 1800kcals
Thursday 17th December 2009 cycling 01h00 10km
Sunday 27th December 2009 cycling 01h00 6km
Saturday 23rd January 2010 cycling 01h50 20km 950kcals
Tuesday 26th January 2010 cycling 01h40 21km 915kcals
Friday 12th February 2010 cycling 01h30 20km 1190kcal
Saturday 13th February 2010 cycling 02h30 30km 1500kcals
Tuesday 23rd February 2010 cycling 01h40 22km 1050kcals .
Tuesday 2nd March 2010 cycling 02h30 1500 28kcalskm
Monday 8th March 2010 cycling 02h10 30km 1300kcals
Saturday 13th March 2010 cycling 02h05 29km 1100kcals
Monday 15th March 2010 cycling 03h00 42km 1800kcals .
Sunday 21st March 2010 cycling 00h30 7km
Saturday 17th April 2010 cycling 03h00 40km 1750kcals.
Wednesday 21st April 2010 cycling 01h30 21km 950kcals
Wednesday 28th April 2010 cycling 01h45 22km 1000kcals
Sunday 2nd May 2010 cycling 00h30 6km
Wednesday 5th May 2010 cycling 01h40 22km 1000kcals
Wednesday 2nd June 2010 cycling 01h30 22km 830kcals
Monday 7th June 2010 cycling 02h40 41km 1660kcals
Sunday 13th June 2010 cycling 00h40 6km
Tuesday 15th June 2010 cycling 02h40 40km 1720kcals
Monday 21st June 2010 cycling 02h45 40km 2000kcals
Sunday 27th June 2010 cycling 01h00 6km
Monday 28th June 2010 cycling 01h30 22km 700kcals
Wednesday 30th June 2010 cycling 01h20 24km 760kcals
Monday 5th July 2010 cycling 02h50 40km 1620kcals
Tuesday 27th July 2010 cycling 01h00 10km
Sunday 1st August 2010 cycling 00h40 6km
Monday 2nd August 2010 cycling 00h40 6km
Wednesday 4th August 2010 cycling 00h40 6km
Friday 6th August 2010 cycling 00h40 6km
Wednesday 11th August 2010 cycling 02h40 38km 1600kcals
Sunday 15th August 2010 cycling 00h40 6km
Sunday 22nd August 2010 cycling 03h00 40km 1950kcals
Tuesday 31st August 2010 cycling 02h30 40km 1600kcal
Monday 13th September 2010 cycling 03h30 45km 2500kcals
Thursday 16th September 2010 cycling 02h30 28km 1500kcals
Wednesday 22nd September 2010 cycling 01h15 18km 650kcals
Saturday 2nd October 2010 cycling 01h30 20km 770kcals
Monday 4th October 2010 cycling 02h50 40km 1700kcals
Monday 11th October 2010 cycling 02h55 40km 1700kcals
Monday 18th October 2010 cycling 03h00 40km 1920kcals
Sunday 7th November 2010 cycling 01h55 29km 1250kcals ďades; Carillon
Monday 22nd November 2010 cycling 02h00 28km 1300kcals
Sunday 12th December 2010 cycling 00h30 7km
Wednesday 29th December 2010 cycling 01h15 18km 1200kcals
Thursday 30th December 2010 cycling 01h30 21km 1400kcals
Sunday 2nd January 2011 cycling 00h40 6km
Monday 3rd January 2011 cycling 01h40 24km 900kcals
Sunday 9th January 2011 cycling 00h40 7km
Monday 10th January 2011 cycling 01h45 23km 800kcal
Thursday 20th January 2011 cycling 02h14 30km 1200kcals
Monday 24th January 2011 cycling 03h00 40km 1600kcals
Monday 31st January 2011 cycling 02h45 40km 1600kcals
Tuesday 8th February 2011 cycling 03h00 40km 1600kcals
Thursday 3rd March 2011 cycling 02h30 30km 1400kcals
Tuesday 8th March 2011 cycling 03h16 40km 1750kcals
Monday 14th March 2011 cycling 02h50 40km 1650kcals
Tuesday 29th March 2011 cycling 01h40 25km 700kcals
Monday 4th April 2011 cycling 02h00 16km
Thursday 7th April 2011 cycling 04h15 52km 2500kcals
Monday 11th April 2011 cycling 02h55 40km 1550kcals
Monday 18th April 2011 cycling 02h20 35km 1250kcals
Wednesday 4th May 2011 cycling 03h00 37km 1700kcals.
Thursday 5th May 2011 cycling 01h00 12km
Sunday 22nd May 2011 cycling 00h45 6km
Tuesday 31st May 2011 cycling 03h20 43km 1850kcals
Saturday 4th June 2011 cycling 01h00 10km
Monday 6th June 2011 cycling 01h10 12km 450kcals
Tuesday 7th June 2011 cycling 01h25 12km 500kcals
Thursday 9th June 2011 cycling 01h30 16km 600kcals
Friday 24th June 2011 cycling 16km 02h00.
Monday 4th July 2011 cycling 02h45 40km 1600kcals
Monday 11th July 2011 cycling 04h45 60km 2950kcals
Monday 1st August 2011 cycling 02h50 42km 1650kcal
Monday 8th August 2011 cycling 04h20 51km 2400kcals
Sunday 21st August 2011 cycling 01h15 16km 600kcals
Wednesday 24th August 2011 cycling 16km 02h00
Thursday 25th August 2011 cycling 10km 01h30
Monday 19th September 2011 cycling 01h45 20km 1050kcals
Monday 26th September 2011 cycling 20km 01h45 1100kcals
Tuesday 4th October 2011 cycling 01h40 20km 900kcals
Sunday 9th October 2011 cycling 00h40 5km
Monday 10th October 2011 cycling 02h30 19km 1600kcals
Tuesday 1st November 2011 cycling 02h00 28km 1150kcals
Thursday 24th November 2011 cycling 02h10 27km 1300kcals
Monday 28th November 2011 cycling 01h40 20km 1050kcals
Tuesday 27th December 2011 cycling 01h30 16km 800kcals
Monday 2nd January 2012 cycling 02h00 25km 1250kcals.
Friday 6th January 2012 cycling 02h10 28km 1300kcals
Monday 9th January 2012 cycling 01h40 1000 20kcalskm
Thursday 19th January 2012 cycling 02h10 28km 1350kcals.
Sunday 22nd January 2012 cycling 6.4km 00h40
Thursday 2nd February 2012 cycling 01h40 20km 1000kcals
Sunday 12th February 2012 cycling 12km 01h00 700kcals.
Sunday 19th February 2012 cycling 01h30 18km 100kcals
Sunday 26th February 2012 cycling 02h15 27km 1100kcals
Thursday 1st March 2012 cycling 02h30 40km 1700kcals
Sunday 11th March 2012 cycling 03h00 42km 1600kcals
Wednesday 14th March 2012 cycling 01h50 16km 800kcals
Wednesday 21st March 2012 cycling 01h00 16km 100kcals
Monday 26th March 2012 cycling 04h00 55km 2300kcals
Monday 30th April 2012 cycling 02h30 25km 1450kcals
Wednesday 9th May 2012 cycling 01h05 12km 540kcals
Friday 11th May 2012 cycling 01h15 12km 650kcals
Friday 18th May 2012 cycling 01h10 10km
Sunday 27th May 2012 cycling 03h00 26km
Tuesday 29th May 2012 cycling 01h30 16km 700kcals
Friday 15th June 2012 cycling 01h55 26km 1100kcals
Tuesday 19th June 2012 cycling 02h30 26km 1100kcal
Wednesday 27th June 2012 cycling 20km 01h45 950kcals
Sunday 1st July 2012 cycling 00h40 7km
Sunday 8th July 2012 cycling 01h00 12km
Monday 23rd July 2012 cycling 02h00 20km 1500kcals
Tuesday 7th August 2012 cycling 8km 02h00
Thursday 9th August 2012 cycling 22km 01h45 1000kcal
Saturday 11th August 2012 cycling 01h20 14km 700kcals
Sunday 12th August 2012 cycling 01h05 9km 450kcals
Wednesday 15th August 2012 cycling 01h10 11km 100kcals.
Thursday 16th August 2012 cycling 02h00 26km 850kcals
Saturday 18th August 2012 cycling 01h00 10km 300kcals
Sunday 19th August 2012 cycling 00h40 7km
Tuesday 28th August 2012 cycling 03h00 40km 1500kcals
Wednesday 5th September 2012 cycling 01h45 21km 920kcals
Saturday 23rd November 2013 cycling 02h00 13.9km
Monday 2nd December 2013 cycling 01h22 13.5km 477kcals
Sunday 4th May 2014 cycling 01h00 6km
Monday 5th May 2014 cycling 01h30 16.5km 100kcals
Sunday 1st June 2014 cycling 01h35 18.2km 921kcal
Sunday 15th June 2014 cycling 5km 00h45
Thursday 19th June 2014 cycling 01h30 18.0km 820kcals
Sunday 22nd June 2014 cycling 5km 00h30
Monday 7th July 2014 cycling 02h00 15km
Sunday 20th July 2014 cycling 13km 01h20.
Wednesday 30th July 2014 cycling 01h45 11km
Tuesday 12th August 2014 cycling 01h10 69016kcals.7km
Saturday 16th August 2014 cycling 11km 02h00
Sunday 17nd August 2014 cycling 8km 01h00.
Tuesday 19th August 2014 cycling 01h30 20.1km 850kcals
Saturday 23rd August 2014 cycling 14.5km 01h30
Wednesday 3rd September 2014 cycling 15.9km 02h25 800kcals
Sunday 7th September 2014 cycling 10km 01h20
Wednesday 10th September 2014 cycling 13km 02h30 1300kcals ascent330metres
Wednesday 1st October 2014 cycling 14km 01h30 700kcals
Tuesday 28th October 2014 cycling 18.2km 01h30
Tuesday 2nd December 2014 cycling 17km 01h20 900kcals
Tuesday 7th April 2015 cycling 01h15 17km
Wednesday 15th April 2015 cycling 18km 01h15.
Monday 20th April 2015 cycling 23km 01h36 800kcal
Sunday 24th May 2015 cycling 24km 01h50
Thursday 4th June 2015 cycling 02h00 26.5km 1800kcal
Tuesday 30th June 2015 cycling 18km 02h15 3100kcals
Saturday 11th July 2015 cycling 11km 01h30 2000kcals
Sunday 9th August 2015 cycling 20km 02h00 2350kcal
Tuesday 11th August 2015 cycling 22km 01h40 1800kcals
Thursday 24th September 2015 cycling 01h17 17.5km 1150kcals
Wednesday 30th September 2015 cycling 01h52 22.5km 1950kcals
Saturday 9th January 2016 cycling 16.2km 01h24 1200kcals
Wednesday 13th January 2016 cycling 00h45 9.6km 660kcal
Saturday 30th January 2016 cycling 17.5km 01h30 1370kcals
Wednesday 10th February 2016 cycling 01h30 16.5km 1300kcals
Monday 7th March 2016 cycling 01h30 17km 1400kcals
Wednesday 4th May 2016 cycling 01h30 16.2km
Sunday 8th May 2016 cycling 01h00 13km
Thursday 12th May 2016 cycling 22km 01h55 1620kcals
Sunday 15th May 2016 cycling 18km 01h30
Tuesday 24th May 2016 cycling 01h30 22km 1900kcals
Sunday 29th May 2016 cycling 00h55 12km 900kcals
Thursday 14th July 2016 cycling 02h00 26km 1700kcals
Friday 22nd July 2016 cycling 03h00 36km 2410kcals
Tuesday 9th August 2016 cycling 16.4km 01h30 1215kcals
Friday 12th August 2016 cycling 37km 03h00 2400kcals
Wednesday 24th August 2016 cycling 02h00 24km 2000kcals
Friday 26th August 2016 cycling 01h30 17.2km 1300kcals
Tuesday 6th September 2016 cycling 25km 01h55 1500kcals
Monday 17th October 2016 cycling 17.5km 01h16 1200kcal
Monday 24th October 2016 cycling 17.2km 01h00 605kcal
Monday 31st October 2016 cycling 17.1km 01h20 1041kcals
Friday 11th November 2016:Biscuit firing ended used 42kwhŁ15 and toe
Saturday 3rd December 2016 cycling 01h50 25km 1650kcals
Friday 16th December 2016 cycling 01h30 14km 1000kcals
Tuesday 20th December 2016 cycling 01h55 22.5km 1480kcals
Tuesday 27th December 2016 cycling 18km 01h30 1470kcals.
Monday 2nd January 2017 cycling 17km 01h15 1250kcals
Friday 20th January 2017 cycling 25km 02h20 1900kcal
Thursday 9th February 2017 cycling 17km 01h30 1300kcals
Monday 13th February 2017 cycling 02h00 26km 1950kcals
Tuesday 21st February 2017 cycling 02h30 35.7km 2320kcals
Wednesday 15th March 2017 cycling 02h30 26km 1500kcals
Tuesday 4th April 2017 cycling 01h45 24.5km 1450kcals
Saturday 15th April 2017 cycling 18km 01h15
Friday 28th April 2017 cycling 18.5km 01h15 1250kcals
Wednesday 10th May 2017 cycling 36.5km 02h20 1800kcals
Friday 16th June 2017 cycling 6km 00h40
Saturday 17th June 2017 cycling 8.5km 00h50 630kcals
Wednesday 21st June 2017 cycling 5.6km 00h30.
Thursday 22nd June 2017 cycling 5.6km 00h30.
Friday 23rd June 2017 cycling 5.6km 00h30.
Saturday 24th June 2017 cycling 5.6km 00h30
Monday 26th June 2017 cycling 8km 00h40.
Thursday 29th June 2017 cycling 9.1km 00h45
Friday 30th June 2017 cycling 8.2km 00h37 770kcals
Friday 14th July 2017 cycling 01h00 9.7km
Sunday 6th August 2017 cycling 20km 01h40
Tuesday 15th August 2017 cycling 36km 03h00 3200kcals
Wednesday 6th September 2017 cycling 14km 01h05
Friday 8th September 2017 cycling 01h05 14km
Friday 15th September 2017 cycling 17.1km 01h04 1000kcals
Saturday 16th September 2017 cycling 17.1km 01h05 1000kcals
Friday 22nd September 2017 cycling 17.1km 01h45 1000kcals
Wednesday 27th September 2017 cycling 19km 01h20 100kcals
Tuesday 3rd October 2017 cycling 14km 01h13 800kcals
Sunday 8th October 2017 cycling 01h35 20.5km 1000kcals
Wednesday 25th October 2017 cycling 01h10 17.0km 950kcals
Friday 27th October 2017 cycling 03h00 38km 1350kcals
Sunday 5th November 2017 cycling 18km 01h20
Friday 10th November 2017 cycling 01h50 17km 1110kcals
Sunday 12th November 2017 cycling 01h50 17km 1110kcals
Saturday 23rd December 2017 cycling 21.5km 01h52 1415kcals

End of file