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Date of birth 12th March 1937, British citizen, married, three children.

University Education

  • 1956-59: University of Nottingham, B Sc Mathematics, Specialising in Mathematical Logic with additional courses in electronics.
  • 1959-62: University of Nottingham, Ph D in Mathematics and Electronics, Thesis title "The Design, Construction and Use of Logical Computers". A computer was constructed, and used to solve various logical problems, including the determination of all 4-variable formulae corresponding to Universal Decision Elements, the determination of all 3-valued Sheffer functions, and starting to study the application of logic to the design of railway signalling systems.

Full-time Appointments held

  • 1955-56: Paint Research Station, Teddington, Research Assistant.
  • 1958 July-Sept: Ericssons (now GPT/Plessey), Beeston, Digital Electronics Trainee.
  • 1960-67: University of Nottingham, Mathematics Department, Lecturer.
  • 1967-74: University of Nottingham, Cripps Computing Centre, Director of Computing.
  • 1974-86: University of Nottingham, Mathematics Department, Senior Lecturer, Computing Science Group.
  • 1986-1997: Joint Senior Lecturer, University of Nottingham, Mathematics and Computer Science Departments.
  • 1997-2001t: Associate Senior Lecture, University of Nottingham, School of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Secondments/visits for up to six months each

  • 1967: Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies (Institut fur Hohere Studien), Vienna, Austria. Advise on Numerical Analysis techniques.
  • 1968: Discussions on the ARPA net at Bolt Beranak and Newman, Cambridge, Mass, USA.
  • 1969: Copenhagen, Denmark, Senior tutor on NATO Advanced Summer School.
  • 1973: USA, Argonne National Lab (Chicago) and Lawrence Livermore Lab (CA) to discuss implementation of the NAG library.
  • 1975: Visiting Lecturer, Mathematics Department, University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Set up MSc course in Computer Science.
  • 1975: Visiting Professor, University of Khartoum, Sudan. Advice on setting up National Computing Centre.
  • 1979: Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, Institute for Statistical and Scientific Research, University of Cairo, Giza, Cairo, Egypt. Advise on Computer Science M Sc course.
  • 1981: Visiting Professor, Computing Centre, University of Cairo. Computing Centre Performance Study.
  • 1981: Visit to IRCAM laboratory, Paris, France, in connection with music analysis.
  • 1983: Visiting Professor, Music Analysis, Oklahoma State University, USA. Lectures on Music Analysis.
  • 1983: Visit to major oil companies in USA to discuss computer performance prediction.
  • 1983: Visiting Professor, Computer Science Department, Victoria University, Vancouver, Canada. Lecture on Pascal Summer School.
  • 1984: Visiting Professor, Mathematics Department, University of Kuwait. To give a number of seminars.
  • 1984: Nominated for USA Mid and Southern Universities Association Honor Lecture Series.
  • 1986: Visiting Professor, Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, M S University of Baroda, Baroda, Gujarat, India. Courses on Unix and C for the Indian Institution of Engineers.
  • 1988: Visiting World Bank Consultant, University of Liaioning, Shenyang, Liaioning, Peoples Republic of China. Curriculum advice, and courses including Software Engineering.
  • 1990: Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, ISSR, University of Cairo, Egypt. Course on Formal Specification.
  • 1991 March: Visiting Fellow, Department of Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, M S University of Baroda, Baroda, Gujarat, India. Courses on Formal Specification and Software Engineering.
  • 1991 June: World Bank International Advisory Panel Computer Consultant. Academic Audits of University Computing Centres and Computer Science Departments in North China.
  • 1991 Sept: Visiting Fellow, National University of Malaysia. Lectures on Applied Logic and Software Quality Testing.
  • 1991 Sept: World Bank International Advisory Panel Computer Consultant. Academic Audits of University Computing Centres and Computer Science Departments in South China, and government meetings concerning introduction of the InterNet to China.
  • 1992 July: Visiting Fellow. Visiting various universities in Beijing to give talks on Formal System Specification.
  • 1993 Sept: Visiting Fellow. Installing software and giving talks in Hebei University (Baoding), Beijing and Tianjin.
  • 1995 April: British Trade Mission, Macao and South China Special Economic Zone.
  • 1995 Oct: Visiting Fellow, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Curriculum and research discussions.
  • 1995 Nov: Visiting Fellow, Maths and Science Centre, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. Installation of software and research discussions.
  • 1996 Sep: Visiting Fellow, Maths and Science Centre, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. Installation of WWW version of Ceilidh.

External Examining

  • I have been undergraduate external examiner in Computer Science at University College of Swansea, University College of Aberystwyth, University of Leicester, University of Keele, University of Bristol, Nottingham Trent University.
  • I have been external examiner for MSc by examination at Aberystwyth, Brighton University, Cairo University, Dar es Salaam University.
  • I have been external examiner for a number of Ph Ds including ones at Oxford, London, Liverpool, Leicester, St Andrews, Keele and Loughborough, and some M Phil degrees.


  • A First Course in Algol 60, Addison Wesley joint with Dr Neave, Dr Grayshon (Education Dept) and ICL (1968, reprinted 1969)
  • Unix for Super-Users, Addison Wesley, October 1985, second printing May 1986, third printing 1987 etc. Also Unix fur Super-User, German translation of the above, Internationale Computer Bibliothek, 1987, Italian and Japanese translations were produced.
  • Logic and its Applications, Prentice-Hall International, 1996, jointly with Dr E K Burke.

Industrial teaching

I have taught courses in industry varying from one-day management overviews to five-day technical courses in the following areas.
  • The Unix system: courses for beginners, courses for advanced users, management overviews.
  • Software Tools in Unix.
  • Systems administration in Unix.
  • The Unix kernel and Device drivers.
  • C programming: courses for beginners, courses in advanced programming, C in a Unix environment, programming for co-operating processes.
  • Unix system performance.
  • Unix system security.

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