Dunkirk Arts Centre
supporting the creative arts
making the arts exciting and relevant to modern Britain

The Dunkirk Arts Centre enjoys supporting all the activities shown below.
We are happy to work with adults and children in all these areas,
and to provide individual tuition as required.

See here for details at the artworks at Priory Park, Lenton.

  Hand made ceramics
and pottery classes
and "clay-play" sessions
    Magic lantern shows  
  Indian dance
and story telling
Step- Clog
  Morris dancing,
sword dancing,
mummers plays
    Folk sessions
Singing and playing
Music from all over the UK
  Folk singing for kids
and their parents
and grand parents!
    Ceilidh dancing
for all
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Joy and Eric at www.dunkirkartscentre.org.uk

The Dunkirk Arts Centre building features on the Lenton Times website in the right-hand column.